What should I expect at a Glamtorial?

An Iridis Glamtorial is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! You and your guests learn an invaluable skill by attending: you will learn how to apply makeup to suit you.

Our Iridis Glamtorials are hands-on, packed full of great makeup tips and tricks, and you get to apply the Iridis Makeup on yourself while watching our expert Makeup Artist Educator apply it to the hostess. Pick the brains of a qualified Makeup Artist and learn what products will enhance your beauty.

And, all the makeup products, brushes and tools we use are available for you to try in the comfort of your own home, without the pressure of a hard-sell. Since you have an opportunity to try the products before buying, you know that what you are getting is amazing quality, will suit you and your features, and best of all, you’ll learn how to use them!

How many different Iridis Glamtorials are there?

There are currently 10 Glamtorials to choose from, to suit your interest, and your skill level and interests:

The great thing is, you can book one Glamtorial, then later build on your skills and book another one – perhaps to learn how to create a Smoky Eye, or an evening glamour look. These Glamtorials are only limited by your creative desire to learn.

What is the fee to host a Glamtorial in your home?

To host a Glamtorial in your own home, the cost is $59 per person, with a minimum of five participants. The fee per person is payable before the Glamtorial to secure the booking.

Can I attend a Glamtorial at Iridis HQ in Yarraville?

Yes you can! Iridis hosts Glamtorials on site at Iridis HQ (Head Office, Studio, Workshop Space & Warehouse location) in Yarraville. Check here to see when the next Glamtorial Workshops are on site, where you can join us for some glamness!

Where can I hold an Iridis Glamtorial?

Glamtorials can be held at your home or workplace, and can be held on any time and any day of the week, subject to booking availability.

Should I check with my boss before hosting a Glamtorial at work?

Yes, definitely! It could be a “CLM” (career limiting move) to not check whether it would be okay to host a Glamtorial at work. Some workplaces are better geared to Glamtorials than others, so always check, as we don’t want any disgruntled boss interrupting the fun! If in doubt, host one at home.

The best time to host a work Glamtorial is during lunchtime, after hours, or for a social club event, charity fund raising event or other work gathering.

What is the duration of a Glamtorial?

Iridis advises to allocate approximately 3 hours for our Glamtorials, so you’re not rushed in learning the makeup skills, and have plenty of time to review our products. We make sure that there’s time for you and your guests to experiment with the Iridis products and brushes, and chat with the Iridis Makeup Educator.

Is there a minimum number of guests for an Iridis Glamtorial?

Yes, we require a minimum of five participants to attend.

Is there a maximum number of guests for an Iridis Glamtorial?

Iridis limits the Glamtorials to eight to ten active participants – any more than eight hands-on guests, and it is can be a little too hard to ensure everyone gets their questions answered.

Having friends “just watching” and not participating isn’t ideal, as the Glamtorial is a very “hands on” and structured lesson. It can be disruptive to the group dynamic as often the other guests not participating have questions, want to play with the products or decide to join in later. So it’s best to keep the guests to the active participants.

Can my guests arrive late to an Iridis Glamtorial?

We do not start the lesson until everyone has arrived. This is because we conduct the lesson via a step by step method and if we don’t wait for everyone to arrive, we need to stop the lesson and catch up the latecomer. So please make sure your guests are on time for the Glamtorial.

How many guests should I invite?

You should invite between 10-15 women (as not everyone will be able to come along). Impress upon them he need to RSVP immediately, as there are maximum guests for the hands-on makeup practice.

Who should I invite to my Glamtorial?

Invite anyone who loves makeup or wants to know more about how to apply it. You could invite friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours, or flatmates. Use your personal “database” of contacts – from your address book, phone, and social network connections.

What day or time is the best time to host a Glamtorial?

It is really up to you and what will suit you and your guests. If you’re a mum at home, or work from home and your guests could come during the day, then book during the day.

If your friends mainly work during office hours, then book for weeknights or on weekends. Most people like to attend Glamtorials on Friday nights or the weekends, but it’s up to you and what works best for your guests.

How do I invite my friends/colleagues? What do I tell them?

Iridis provides you with a comprehensive email, which contains all the information you need to host your own Glamtorial.

We find that most people usually invite people via email, social media and/or SMS on their phones.

The email invitation can be emailed to you immediately upon confirmation of your Glamtorial booking.

Iridis Cosmetics will even provide you with a suggested template to send to your friends and family, via SMS, email or Facebook message, to ensure they come along!

Should I touch base with my friends before the Glamtorial to see if they’re coming?

Definitely! A few days before your Glamtorial, call, send a courtesy text message, or email to your guests to confirm their attendance. All payments for the Glamtorial ($59 per person) will need to be received by Iridis before your Glamtorial is confirmed.

Can we host a Fundraiser Glamtorial?

Absolutely! The bonus products that a Hostess would usually receive for hosting a Glamtorial , or a Voucher for the value of those Bonuses, can be raffled and donated to a charity, social club or organisation.

Iridis can customise a Glamtorial into a Fundraising Glamtorial. There are many options. Contact us for more information about how a Fundraising Glamtorial can work for you and your charity or organisation.

How much space do you need for a Glamtorial?

We don’t need a lot of space to host a Glamtorial in your home or business, but sitting around a table is required, as we have mirrors, clipboards, palettes and brushes for each person, as well as makeup to lay out. We will also need access to power points for our tablet & Lights.

The Hostess will be seated in a makeup chair, facing her guests, our A3 Tablet Computer will need to be close by on a table or bench, and we will need some space to spread out the makeup products, so your guests can try the makeup on themselves.

What time does the Iridis Makeup Artist Educator arrive to set up?

Your Iridis Makeup Educator will arrive approximately 30 minutes before the Glamtorial commences.

If some friends can’t attend the Glamtorial, can they order online and will it count towards my hostess bonuses?

Yes! Your friends can order online, or via you, even without attending a Glamtorial.

However, to count towards the hostess bonuses, online orders must be ordered within 2 days of the Glamtorial – whether the person ordering has attended that Glamtorial or not, and the person ordering must indicate that their order is to be attributable to your Glamtorial, where indicated online. 

How can I pay for my Iridis Cosmetics Order?

At a Glamtorial, Iridis Cosmetics recommends you pay for your order using your credit card or via EFTPOS. You can also pay with cash, directly to your Makeup Ecucator, (ensure you keep your copy of the order form for your records).

If you order online, you can also pay via PayPal. However, to count towards the hostess bonuses, online orders must be ordered within 2 days of the Glamtorial – whether the person ordering has attended that Glamtorial or not, and the person ordering must indicate that their order is to be attributable to your Glamtorial, where indicated online.

When do I need to pay for my Iridis Cosmetics Glamtorial Order?

Payment for products purchased at an Iridis Glamtorial (and any online orders attributable to that party) must be made at the time of ordering.

How and when will I receive my order after a Glamtorial?

Your makeup goodies will be posted to you directly, or to the Glamtorial hostess, depending upon which option you choose (postage costs will need to be added to your order), and they will be sent within 7 days of receipt of your payment.

When will I receive my Hostess bonuses?

Hostess bonuses are allocated at the Glamtorial and distributed with your orders.

Should I prepare refreshments for the Glamtorial?

Your Iridis Makeup Artist Eduator will bring everything we need to host the Glamtorial, and you can open a pack of biscuits, put out some dips and crackers, and pop a bottle of champers or wine to get the conversation flowing. Keep it simple, or go all out – it’s up to you.

Is it hygienic to use the products?

All good Makeup Artists take hygiene very seriously. They don’t take any chances for contamination. At the start of the Glamtorial, the Iridis Makeup Ecucator will give everyone a spiel on how to use the products hygienically. You all receive your own makeup palette, where products can be applied out of their containers, and you will have your own applicators and brushes to apply the products.

Our makeup brushes, products and tools are cleaned and sanitised after every Glamtorial.

Can I buy online if I don’t host a Glamtorial?

Yes! You can buy our makeup products without hosting a Glamtorial, and our internet shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Please note that orders are shipped Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays.) If you do host a Glamtorial, however, you will be eligible for Hostess Bonus products and dollars!

What if I need to cancel a Glamtorial?

If you need to cancel your Glamtorial (we encourage you not to do so, as times for Glamtorials fill up quickly and you may not be able to secure a new dates for weeks or months), we require at least 48 hours’ notice. Your Glamtorial fee will tbe transferred to a new date you choose.

Where is Iridis based? Will you come to me?

Iridis Cosmetics is currently based in Yarraville, Victoria (near Williamstown, over the Westgate Bridge), and services all areas of Victoria (subject to travel fees). We have Makeup Artist Educators in other States of Australia – just ask if we service your area! As Iridis grows, you will be able to find an Iridis Makeup Educaator in all corners of Victoria and in other States of Australia.

I live a fair distance from Yarraville – can I still book a Glamtorial?

Iridis Cosmetics will travel all over Victoria for Glamtorials, but depending upon the location, there may be a travel fee that applies. Additionally, Glamtorials will be held in some areas only on certain dates, booked in advance, and grouped according to location. Contact Iridis for more information about these.