Angelina’s White Powder Makeup Fail! What happened??

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As a Makeup Artists, there’s not much worse for us than seeing a photo of makeup work we’ve done that doesn’t look the same as it did when the client has left our makeup chair. And the latest example of this happening is to poor old Angelina at Brad’s latest movie premiere. Check out the full awful story here and ogle the white powder visible on her both jawlines (the left worse than the right), her chest and forehead.

                      Iridis -Anglina white powder 3              Iridis -Anglina white powder 4                         Iridis -Anglina white powder

Now, unfortunately, this hasn’t been an isolated event on the red carpet, and there’s plenty of white powder makeup fails all over the internet, and here’s a few to highlight the point.

  Iridis - naomi-watts- white powder   Iridis - Ashley Judd White Powder Iridis -  white powder Iridis - Lisa Kudrow white powder2   Iridis - miley cyrus white powder2  Iridis lea-michele white powder Iridis - Nicole Kidman White Powder

And the poor men aren’t even immune!

 Iridis white powder - men too2       Iridis - Hugh Grant white powder      Iridis - Jon Hamm White Powder      Iridis white powder men

Every time this happens, there’s makeup and media websites out there which say, “They applied too much powder!”, “How can their partners not saying anything about this!” “How could you miss this in the mirror!” “You’ve got to blend the powder!” None of this is even remotely true.

The issue with this powder all comes down to the type of powder it is and what it is meant to do. This powder is known as High Definition Powder (or silica based powder) and it’s amazing on films or TV, because it’s basically undetectable when applied correctly (hence why none of these stars see anything wrong when looking in the mirror), but it bounces light off it when there’s flash photography and appears like you’ve scoffed a donut with icing sugar on top. Via your forehead, eyes or jawline. An outrageous makeup mistake! So it’s NOT the type of powder to use for the red carpet, weddings or special occasions – or anywhere where there will be flash photography.

So either Angie did her own makeup and didn’t know that the HD powder would cause flash-back with the cameras, or there was an inexperienced Makeup Artist who didn’t know their products well enough, or a Makeup Artist who should have known better. And it’s such a shame, because the makeup is otherwise gorgeous and flawless and Angie always looks divine…except with all that white stuff on her face!

Powder products that have no flash back is what you need to apply if there’s a chance there will be flash photography. No HD or Silica based powders, and if in doubt, test it on your smart phone – take a photo with a flash and one without. Our Iridis powders and foundations are all non-reflective with flash photography.

Either way, for your next big occasion, it’s essential that you pick a Makeup Artist who knows their products inside and out and knows how the products will sit on your skin, how they will look in various conditions and what will happen under different lighting techniques. This has never happened to an Iridis Makeup Client and never will!

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  1. Kel says:

    Wow. This is the first time I have visited your site, and I am amazed by how “non-girly” it is. You’re totally demystifying this make up stuff. It’s fantastic. You go, girl! Live that dream. xxx

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