Do you need to be Symmetrical to be Beautiful?

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This is a really interesting question! If you’ve spent any time with me as a Makeup Artist, you’ll know that I often talk about how women will apologise for their face when I’m doing their makeup – maybe they have lots of pimples to cover up (OMG do you know how much I love being able to get those zits flawlessly covered? It’s basically a sport for me – that’s not a bad thing in my eyes!) or maybe it’s the “I’ve got such small eyes!” problem (not when I’m finished with you, sister, you won’t believe how huge your eyes look!) or the really common, “Oh my wrinkles! God, my wrinkles! I need botox!” comment (no you don’t, you’re gorgeous, once I’ve finished playing up your other features you won’t even notice the bloody wrinkles! Besides, I’ve got techniques to make them look less prominent.)

But the one that gets me every time is the SYMMETRICAL comment: “My eyes are different shapes.” “My lips are wonky.” “One side of my face is totally different to the other!” YES IT IS! I have one of the wonkiest faces I’ve ever worked on (it’s so good that I get to challenge my makeup skills everyday) and if I can make myself look even, I can guarantee you that after you spend time in my makeup chair, you will not notice your asymmetry. Oh, and can I tell you – eyebrows are meant to be sisters, not twins!

This was a makeup look I created for a client a number of years ago, and with the right makeup techniques (and I used no eyelid tape), you can really minimise uneven features and play up features to create  the illusion of symmetry.
before and aftrer

But beyond all of that…let me show you WHY your face needs to have asymmetry to be beautiful. That’s right….Wonkiness = Gorgeousness!

There’s this awesome photo series by US Fashion Photographer, Alex John Beck. He’s created a whole series of images to challenge the idea that “Balance=Beauty” with this “Both Sides of Art” Series. He has digitally altered the images of his models, and presents symmetrical versions of the right side of their face and then their left. The “real face” is not shown to really highlight why we need the different sides of our faces to be uneven to actually create our beauty.

In other words, BSOWebGalleryLayout_011he divides up the face – puts the right side of the face with a mirror image of the right side of the face and same thing with the left – and you can instantly see why we need the “wonkiness” of the different sides of our faces to see the beauty – we need to be wonky to be gorgeous! It looks a bit weird to be symmetrical!

It’s actually amazing to see that the beauty of our faces come from the “oddness”/ “unusual”/ “unevenness” and it’s totally time to embrace those features that make us beautiful.

It’s bloody high time to start celebrating our uniqueness! This constant criticism of our features has got to stop. We are just making ourselves feel bad by doing it and what’s the point of feeling like crap? Love yourselves and magic will happen. I’m proof of that.


You can check out his full series here – (Scroll across for each new image)

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