Makeup Lessons

Where is the Iridis Cosmetics Makeup Studio located?

The one-on-one lessons are conducted in the Iridis Cosmetics Makeup Studio, currently based in Yarraville, Victoria (near Williamstown).

How can I pay for my makeup lesson?

Iridis Cosmetics accepts credit and debit card payments via mobile EFTPOS, cash, and bank deposits (which must be received by us before the date of the makeup lesson).

What should I bring with me to my makeup lesson?

Bring all your makeup and brushes to the lesson and we will conduct a Makeup Audit for you. We will check what is in date, suitable for your colouring and provide you with commentary on whether to keep, or toss, a particular product and why. This gives us a great feel for what you are currently wearing and how you are wearing it.

What should I wear to my makeup lesson?

We always say – be comfortable – so wear whatever makes you comfortable. It’s best if you’re not wearing any makeup to your makeup lesson, so we won’t have to remove it before we start.

Can I buy Iridis products after my lesson?

You certainly can! And don’t forget, you receive up to 20% off retail price of all Iridis products purchased on the day, depending upon the lesson type you’ve booked (2+ hour lessons).

Can I bring along makeup photos and inspiration pics to my lesson?

Of course you can! It helps us if you have a particular makeup vision you’d like us to recreate, so please feel free to bring photos along to your consultation – the more the better. Alternatively, you can take our expert guidance and let us create the perfect makeup look for you.