Our Iridis Glamtorials® are group Makeup Lessons, lead by qualified Makeup Artist Educators, where we teach you how to do your own makeup on your own gorgeous face. Gather a minimum of 5 of your friends, (and a maximum of 10), at your home or workplace, and we bring everything we need to teach you all the Makeup Artist secrets to professional, gorgeous and easy makeup. All for $59 per person!


Get the girls together, have some much-needed girly “me” time, AND learn how to apply your makeup like a pro Makeup Artist! All in the comfort of your home!

 The Makeup Artist Educator starts off by personally colour matching each guest and discussing their makeup needs. They then set up the Iridis brushes, makeup and teaching tools, and away we go to creating beautiful faces of makeup – which you apply to yourself, with our expert guidance, step-by-step photographs and savvy handouts that make it easy to learn.

All you need to do is provide us with a dining table around which we create Iridis Makeup Magic and a few nibbles and drinks for your guests. It’s that simple! We even give you a whole lot of free Iridis makeup products as a thank you for hosting. CLICK HERE TO BOOK TODAY!

Iridis Makeup Artist Educators see the beauty in everyone – we have our ‘beauty eye’ switched on all day long, and we teach you how to remember you’re beautiful. We also teach you how to use our amazing products, so you can present to the world in the way you feel most comfortable – whether you like the ‘natural look’ or ‘naturally glam look’ or the ‘full blown fabulous’ – and anything and everything in between.

Iridis is an Australian-owned, cruelty-free and not tested on animals makeup range, which is manufactured where all the best makeup is made – Canada and the United States.

Take a look at our information flyer below (download the Iridis Glamtorial Makeup Lesson here) on what to expect when you host one of our Iridis Glamtorials® in your own home! Book your Glamtorial® here. Read on below to discover the Iridis Glamtorial® Makeup Menu.

Iridis Glamtorial Makeup Lesson7




Our Glamtorial® Makeup Menu

Beautiful Basics  

Need a general Makeup Refresher?

In our most popular Glamtorial, you will learn:

  • How to createflawless, natural and long-lasting foundation;
  • Our easy, 3-colour eyeshadow look;
  • How to choose the right colours for your face;
  • Lots of professional makeup tips for extra gorgeousness!

 Eye Expert

 The perfect eyeshadow application can be yours!

  • Learn how to enhance your eyes with colour and shadow placement;
  • Choose colours which complement your eye colour;
  • Learn how to use more than the one or two eyeshadows you’re probably already comfortable with!

Over 40s

Not sure what makeup you should be doing to suit you now? Learn how to be Glam at any age!

  • Learn the six secrets to more youthful makeup;
  • Practise the tips to opening up your eyes, dealing with lines and wrinkles, and choosing the right colours for you;
  • Create a polished and elegant look. 

Sexy Smoky Eyes

Can’t seem to create a smoky eye without looking bruised?

  • Learn the secrets makeup artists use to smoke out the eye;
  • Discover the best colours to use to create a sexy smoulder;
  • Blend like a pro to have a seamless smoky look.

 Highlighting & Contouring

Seen the contouring trend, but worried you’ll look like a zebra? We will teach you the way to shape your face with makeup.

  • Minimise a double chin, make your face look thinner, pop your cheekbones and make your nose look smaller – all with the correct contouring techniques;
  • Create a dewy and pretty highlight on your cheekbones, mastering the ‘strobing’ technique for a youthful and celebrity-looking glow.

Winged Eyeliner Wonder

Winged Eyeliner is everywhere! Want to learn how to create the perfect flick?

  • Practise creating even wings and a perfect line using four simple steps;
  • Learn which type of wing will suit your eye shape and how to apply it, and rock the ‘vintage’ look.

False Lash Flutter*

Love the idea of False Lashes, but just can’t get them on properly?

  • Learn the simple 3-step process to lash placement that Makeup Artists use to ensure Lash-tacular™ results, every time;
  • Marvel at the easy prep-steps the pros take to preparing lashes for adhesion;
  • Bat your gorgeous eyes and feel like the goddess you are.
*This Glamtorial™ has a price of $79 to cover the cost of the lashes and glue, which you can keep and reuse.