Hostess Rewards & Bonuses

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Iridis values its clients and believes that all good deeds should be returned. If you host an Iridis Makeup Party and achieve sales of at least $300, then you are eligible to receive Iridis Bonus Dollars (which must be redeemed at the current party by the Hostess – they don’t carry over), AND, depending on sales achieved, the Hostess will also receive products at half their retail price*!

This means, the Hostess receives free Iridis products, as well as being eligible to receive Iridis products half price.

The more sales your party achieves, the more goodies you’ll receive!  Add in Makeup Party bookings by your friends, and the Bonus Dollars grow.

The great news continues – hosting additional parties means you will get a chance to try more of the Iridis products – for free!

Total Party Sales** Iridis Bonus Dollars for YOU Number of Products you can receive at Half Price
$299.99 or below No bonus No bonus
$300.00-$599.99 10% of total sales, ranging from $30 to $60 No bonus
$600.00-$799.99 10% of total sales ranging from $60 to $80 1 half price product*
$800.00-$999.99 10% of total sales ranging from $80 to $100 2 half price products*
$1000.00 plus 10% of total sales from $100 upwards 2 half price products*, PLUS 1 free Lipstick, Lush Lips or Lip Gloss

*excluding empty or filled Eyeshadow Palettes and Iridis brush kits and Duo Lash Glue.

** Hostess purchases are excluded from Total Party Sales for the purposes of Bonus Dollars.

Makeup Parties Bookings from your Guests Iridis Bonus Dollars for the Hostess to use during her party (not carried over)
1 Party Booking $20 bonus dollars
2 Party Bookings $50 bonus dollars
3+ Party Bookings $90 bonus dollars

Model: Rebecca Herft, wearing Iridis Lipgloss in ‘Flamingo’ & ‘Rapunzel’ Lash-tacular® False Lashes, Makeup by Peta-Gai McLaughlin, Hair by Carla Culbert, Styled by Steph Mig & Dani Cardamone, Photo by Stan Gemlitski.