‘Mum and Me’ Makeup Party

Share a fantastic mother-daughter experience!Sandra & Aimee small

A very special party to suit teenaged daughters and their mums. This is a great opportunity to teach your teenagers how to wear makeup that is pretty and age-appropriate, and it’s great for mums who want to refresh their makeup looks. This party is a bonding and fun experience for mums and their daughters. (Please note that we have a limit of four mums and four daughters to make the learning as hands-on as possible.)

You will learn:

  • The art of applying a flawless base to your skin with foundation and concealers (and effectively covering troubled teen skin)
  • A quick eyes routine to make the most of your peepers and to suit your eye shape
  • Why black eyeliner isn’t a good choice for younger teens and what colours they should use instead
  • The eyeshadow colours that are suitable for your eye colour
  • The brush techniques to achieve a professional finish
  • How to choose a blusher to suit your skin tone
  • How to remember that true beauty comes from within, and that the outside is just a reflection of how gorgeous you are on the inside, with a focus on how to enhance self-esteem and remind teens that the images in the media aren’t reality and that they are beautiful as they are.

Models: Sandra (40 something) & Aimee (13) Warnock, Makeup and Photo by Peta-Gai McLaughlin.