Highlighting & Contouring

50 Shades of Great!

H& C Steph

Highlighting & Contouring – a.k.a the secrets behind Kim Kardashian’s sculptured cheekbones! At this party, we cover all things related to sculpting your face using makeup. Emphasise those cheekbones! Minimise a double chin! Make your nose look thinner! Learn how to create warmth and depth to your beautiful face.

You will learn:

  • The benefits of contouring and highlighting
  • Which areas of the face benefit from contouring and which areas benefit from highlighting
  • Which products to use to minimise areas of your face, and the products to use to emphasise areas of your face
  • How to blend contouring and highlighting into your foundation so you don’t end up with any tell-tale stripes!
  • What NOT to do! How to avoid choosing the wrong colours, or emphasising wrinkles and fine lines or other blemishes
  • How to remember that true beauty comes from within, and that the outside is just a reflection of how gorgeous you are on the inside

Model: Stephanie Jeannot, wearing Iridis Highlighting & Contouring creams in ‘Corrector Lite’ and ‘Corrector Dark’, Hair & Makeup by Peta-Gai McLaughlin, Photo by Darrell Caruana, Glimmarpics Photography.