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A Corrector is similiar to concealer, in that it’s designed to hide imperfections, but a Corrector goes UNDER your foundation to be a super duty complexion flaw-fixer.

This product is a Makeup Artist secret but one which will change your daily makeup routine! Using the magic of the colour wheel, these highly pigmented, creamy and soft “pre-base” correctors work to counteract flaws, hide imperfections and even out skin tones by using colour technology. They really are a magical product that will hide complexion flaws like counteracting redness, dark circles, pigmentation, bruising or beard cover by neutralising the colour using the opposite colour on the colour wheel.

Iridis Professional Makeup Artist Tip: Apply with the Deluxe Concealer Buffing Brush, aftter you’ve applied primer, but under foundation, to correct the complexion concern and create a “perfect finish” to your foundation. Apply foundation over the top carefully to not move the product too much and add concealer if you need more coverage, or powder to set. Only apply corrector to the area of the skin that needs the correction.

Comes in a range of shades to correct complexion flaws:

Mint will counteract redness, rosacea, broken capillaries, red-based breakouts

Pink will hide pigmentation or brown sun spots

Lite will hide blue-based dark circles on very fair skin tones and is the perfect shade for a cream highlighter.

Orange will correct dark circles on most skin tones, beard shadow coverage (so is perfect for our trans sisters) and other shadows in general on the face – it’s like an eraser for darkness – both brightening and lightening – literally amazing to counteract darkness under the eyes – it makes it look like you’ve slept for hours!

Dark is the perfect colour to neutralise dark patches on deeper skin tones, and can be used as a concealer for dark skin colours. It also makes the most perfect shade for cream contouring.

NOTE: this corrector has changed packaging, new photography to be updated.

10 reviews for Corrector

  1. Kayleigh

    This corrector is my new go-to for under eye circles ! I have tried sooooo many products and absolutely nothing works like this little gem !! Highly recommend !

  2. Tara Jarvis

    This corrector is AH-MAZING!!… I have always had dark circles under my eyes and a blue line down the middle of my nose – in winter people think I have drawn pen on my nose (!)… This has saved my life by bringing my confidence back as its stopped people from asking these questions and openly pointing it out… It’s super creamy, easy to apply, NO GREASY feel to it at all… A small amount goes a long way.
    Nothing works like this does… 100% Highly recommend!

  3. Simone

    OMG, absolutely love love love this product. Not matter if I have dark circles or acne that needs to be hidden. This is my NOW go to product. What a difference it can make. So easy to go on and makes me look like I have 8 hrs sleep every time. ??????

  4. Felicity Mclachlan

    I LOVE these correctors for under eyes (orange) and concealing all those spots that need a little extra. It is my “Holy Grail” of correctors in my Pro Makeup Kit for under eye dark circles. Super pigmented, creamy and easy to apply, with amazing staying power. LOVE

  5. michelle

    I love this product, I work in retail and those pesky lights don’t let you hide anything. I have a bit of redness on my cheeks so this product is a must for me. It applies easily and once I’ve placed my foundation over the top, wella, not more redness.

  6. Jacqui

    Dark circles literally just vanish with the orange corrector, I have really bad, dark circles, always have, and have tried everything. What I like is the texture, it is so creamy that it doesn’t look too heavy under the eye.

  7. Clare

    The orange corrector is my new friend. It makes my eyes look fresh and awake. The colour blends really well and just gives me a secret little boost!

  8. Melanie Frok

    Im 40-something and this product actually works on the dark circles under my eyes. I highly recommend it.

  9. Sera

    As an artist & a 37yr old mum I’ve tried many products and honestly I was skeptical that this would work to hide darkness and make everything go on over it smoother but wow it does! I now use it on all my clients and myself! I need more Peta-Gai!

  10. Elyse Feinstein

    I have both the green and the purple correctors and they are the bomb at cancelling out redness and hyperpigmentation (age spots/skin damage). I find the consistency creamy and the coverage spot on.

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