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Recently, I’ve been working with some clients on their overall image and how they portray themselves to the world and I’ve noticed a few key points that will make your next foray into the public space a self-assured, beautifully groomed and positive experience.

Whether you’re presenting a workshop, pitching your services or products to a big client, filming some social media content for your business, or just getting out and about to share you and your business with the world, you need to look the part while spruiking how amazing you and your business are.

Getting your hair, makeup and outfit consistent with the vibe behind your business is paramount. Take me, for example. I own a Makeup IMG_3260_final - cropped by PGCompany. One would expect that I’d be pretty into my appearance, and one would be right. Let’s face it, I’ve always been a bit on the vain side, but now I have a tax-deductable reason to bask in my vanity. Creating your personal brand, developing how YOU feel about yourself and projecting a certain image can actually make or break your success in business or in the corporate world. (Photo of Peta-Gai by Nancy Morrison)

Scarily, people make a series of significant judgments about you and your business within 7 seconds of meeting you. You want to make sure that impression is memorable (for the right reasons), is positive and portrays what you do accurately. If you’re not feeling amazing, what you say is not going to come off as amazing.

I’ve recently been working with a group of businesswomen who do a lot of public speaking, present training courses, share at networking groups and generally get up in front of people, hoping to sell their products or services. There’s some great secrets to polished grooming that will have you feeling confident, in control, fabulous and ready to share you and your business with your eager audience.

  1. Plan out your outfit the night before. This seems logical, but how many of us really do this? Think about what’s flattering on you, what you feel most comfortable in, and what suits your colouring (if you don’t know, get some styling advice) and get it out, get it ironed and have it ready to go in the morning. And dress for your audience. Don’t rock up in a tailored business suit to a bunch of personal trainers, for example. And public speaking events are not the time to “try out a new outfit” or overall image – stick with what works.
  2. Think about your accessories from an audience’s perspective. Whenever I do public speaking, I always ensure I keep my jewellery and accessories fairly subtle, so the audience doesn’t get distracted from what I’m saying. The amount of presenters I see who jingle and jangle as they talk with their hands or get their long necklaces caught up in mic cords, astounds me. No bells, no jangles, no clanking bangles, no scarves which obscure your gorgeous face – nothing that can distract from the key message you’re saying is so important. Keep it simple so they keep their eyes on your face and listening to your awesomeness.
  3. Your Hair and Makeup must suit your audience and accurately reflect what you do. If you’re presenting at a business woman’s luncheon, look business-y. That’s not to say you can’t be YOU – I get around with my pink and purple hair, full makeup, dark lips and false lashes whether I’m doing some consulting in my lawyer job or glammifying a celebrity. It’s expected I’m going to look a bit glam and I love looking like that anyway. Make sure what you project visually sells YOU and your business and suits the crowd.
  4. Makeup tips that will suit everyone – keep neutral shades to your eyes, nothing too glary or over the top (unless you’re me – haha) and be consistent with your personal branding. A great foundation or BB Cream to even out your skin tone is absolutely key, and make sure you add some soft blush so you don’t look too washed out under lighting. Great and subtle contouring can also make quite the difference to the shapes on your face and make your cheekbones pop – but only do it if you know what you’re doing; you do not want to look like you have zebra stripes of brown on your face. Lip colour is a very personal choice – if you’re known for your bright red lippy or hot pink, and it’s consistent with your personal brand, go for it. Otherwise, keep the lips neutral and stick to warm pinky browns or plums, or a soft nude lip gloss would be ideal, which are all shades that tend to flatter everyone. Remember, you’re there to talk about how amazing your business is – you’re not going to a club, so there’s no need for glitter on your face. Another great tip is to take photos of your makeup in daylight and with a flash to see how it translates on camera – this is very important if there’s any photography at the event. If you’re still not sure, ask a trusted friend or a makeup artist that will tell you the truth gently (ahem) and be open to the feedback you get.
  5. Remember to give yourself a cheerleading pep talk before hand. Once you’ve got the gorgeousness sorted, it’s time to get your head working for you and overcome the nerves. A great way to start, and what we teach at Iridis, is how to say nice things to yourself. None of that fear-based negative crap. Pump up your tyres. You’ve got this. You know what you’re doing. You’re accomplished. You’re smart. You are articulate, you will come across professionally, you know your subject matter inside out and importantly, you believe in yourself. Face it darling, you’re FABULOUS! Now go and BE fabulous!

This Blog Post first featured in the Australian Content Magazine.


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