Makeup Audit and Look & Learn

💄 4 HOUR MAKEUP LOOK & LEARN at Iridis HQ in Yarraville – “The Iridis Makeup Audit”. $149

Bring all your makeup products and brushes and we will tell you:

🔸which products to ditch and why

🔸 which products are doing you no favours

🔸 a close up look at Demodex Mites – what they are, what they do, and why they can affect your skin (and how to combat them!)

🔸 the colors you have bought but shouldn’t wear (there’s always a few in everyone’s makeup bag!)

🔸 the colors which WILL flatter you and how to apply them 

🔸 what’s missing in your makeup kit

Also at this unique Makeup Audit and Look & Learn Workshop, we talk you through building a beautiful face of makeup – using what you have.

Watch Peta-Gai apply makeup to our model, learn how to apply makeup through the eyes of a professional Makeup Artist, and have her talk you through the application secrets for you to try at home. 



🔸 Whether your Makeup colours are flattering you, making you look younger, or are they ageing you unnecessarily?

🔸 the tricks to flawless skin at any age

🔸 the secrets makeup artists use to enhance your features

➡️ eye shadow illusions to make your eyes look bigger and more expressive

➡️ contouring and highlighting to sculpt your face, minimizing jawlines and noses and emphasizing cheekbones

➡️ understanding which colors suit you and why

🔸 how to navigate your makeup bag to best suit your beautiful face 

🔸 Iridis self-love tricks, so you’ll feel more positive about your appearance, learn to see the beauty in your face, feel more confident in  yourself and feel better about how you present to the world!

🍾 Glass of bubbly, nibbles included

🛍 Lucky Door Prize valued at $150

👩🏼‍🎨 4 Hour, look & learn lesson, focusing on all the tricks a Pro Makeup Artist use to apply makeup, and enjoy the “Iridis Audit” on your products and brushes – finally get that expert advice you’ve been trying to find for years.

🌟 $149 per person

👩🏻 👩🏼Bring a friend and you both get two entries into the Lucky Door Prize!

Book now to secure your place! $149 for the ‘look & learn’ class, your makeup audit, glass (or two) of bubbly or wine, and an entry into the lucky door prize, valued at $150! 


About Peta-Gai, your Makeup Artist Educator & Founder of Iridis Cosmetics

Workshops at Iridis HQ in Yarraville are mainly run by Peta-Gai, Iridis Founder. Peta-Gai is passionate and extremely knowledgable when it comes to makeup, and is patient, kind and understanding as a teacher. She is a vibrant, motivating and energetic presenter, who will not only teach you how to apply your own makeup, but will also show you how to find the thing that makes you most gorgeous, and demonstrate why it’s important to focus on all the things that make you beautiful (even if you can’t see those things – she will!) At our hands-on workshops (but not the ‘Look & Learns’), you’ll be applying makeup to your own face, following along with the demo we do on the model, and by watching our step by step photos and reviewing your Glamtorial worksheets and handouts. There’s lots of time for questions. And if you need makeup top ups, you are also eligible to buy the Iridis Glamtorial Makeup Packs which are discounted and are not available online

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