Trans & CD Women Makeup Glamtorial® – Basics & Beyond (Plus drinks after!)


at Iridis Cosmetics HQ in Yarraville

Sunday 28 July 2024 10am-4pm, drinks thereafter to 7pm

Skincare and Makeup for Trans and CD Women

Plus hang out with like-minded women for a few hours and share a few drinks after the workshop when you’re all glam and gorgeous! (No pressure – this is optional.)

This event is perfect for those women who have some basic makeup understanding and need some inspiration or learnsome new makeup techniques, or just need a makeup refresher for their face – what goes where and how! All of this in the very rainbow queer Iridis Makeup Studio. (Did you know that ‘Iridis’ is Latin for ‘rainbow’ – we are the true rainbow makeup company! You’re very at home at Iridis.)

Only for Trans & CD Women

This workshop is geared solely for Trans & CD women, with a focus on feminising the face, teaching all the techniques to uplevel your gorgeousness and femininity, and understand the details behind skincare and makeup for trans and CD women.

Unlike trying to watch YouTube or TikTok and replicate the techniques, (using brushes and makeup that is different from what you’re seeing onscreen and getting frustrated) you’ll be doing the makeup on yourself, following along to a slideshow and demo on a real life Trans Woman, learning real time what to do to feminise and uplevel your makeup.

Just turn up – we provide everything!

We provide everything for you to use – the makeup, tools, skincare, brushesfood, drinks, the fun and girly time out for YOU to explore the feminine and expand your makeup skills.

Who this Workshop is for:

This workshops suits a Trans/CD Woman who:

  • has some basic understanding of makeup (perhaps you’ve done a one-on-one lesson with us in the past and need some new inspiration, or maybe you’ve picked up a few things here and there but need to know MORE)
  • is new to makeup and needs to understand the makeup fundamentals for beautiful makeup
  • just needs a refresher on all the makeup techniques to get back into the swing of it all
  • want to uplevel your knowledge and gain some expert advice and experience in looking gorgeous
  • wants a safe space to explore makeup without jugement, without all eyes on you like at a makeup counter
  • wants to learn with like-minded people – that means you can come dressed en-femme or in your guy clothes – whichever you feel comfortable. If you wear a wig, feel free to wear it to the lesson, or not, if you wish! 
  • needs a safe and secure place to learn makeup from an expert.

This is what Bella had to say after her Iridis experience: “I attended a Trans Two Day Feminisatioon course with Iridis. I was apprehensive attending the workshop. As soon as I arrived, my fears were unfounded. Peta-Gai was so welcoming, understanding, and respectful of my situation in my journey of transitioning.The most impressive thing was Peta-Gai’s knowledge and skills of makeup. I learnt so, so much – from how to look after my skin, what brush to use for each product and even to how to contour and feminise my face. It was an investment, but worth every cent. Not to mention the coffee and great vibes of Iridis. I had an amazing 2 days with Peta-Gai and Vanessa, the Studio Manager. I can highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their knowledge of makeup – cis or trans. Such a great experience.”

Iridis is the leading Makeup Educator for Trans & CD Women

The Iridis Founder & Principal Hair & Makeup Artist, Peta-Gai (‘PG’) McLaughlin, is the leading Makeup Artist Educator in the Trans & CD Women space. Since 2014, she has been making over Trans and CD Women to teach them how to do their makeup, how to feel confident in the feminine and how to embrace their authentic selves with love and compassion.

Being a queer cis gendered female, Peta-Gai lives on the rainbow. (It’s even in her name for goodness sake lol.) ‘Iridis’ was founded by Peta-Gai and her ex-wife, and they built the company and brand to be inclusive, celebrating diversity and to bring out the best in all women.

Teaching Trans & CD Women how to do their own makeup is one of the most rewarding things that Peta-Gai has ever done. Creating a safe community for trans women to feel like they’re coming home means everything to PG. “Giving trans women access to information and products that will help them step into the feminine is one of the most incredibly empowering things to witness. Watching them going from slightly terrified when they arrive, to confident, happy and proud when they leave makes my heart soar. I love holding space for these women to embrace their true selves, learn the best makeup of their lives, and be celebrated for their difference, their bravery and their bloody killer new makeup skills!”

What you’ll learn:

🔸 All the feminisation hacks on how to make your featues look more womanly – including:

➡️ eye shadow illusion techniques to make your eyes look bigger and more expressive

➡️ using techniques of highlighting to emphasize the right features on your face

➡️ the tricks behind contouring and minimising techniques to feminise and sculpt your face

🔸 Our Makeup Artist Secrets on how to hide and minimise beard shadow under foundation 

🔸 skincare for Trans & CD Women (and why XY chromosone skin is different to XX skin)

🔸 the tricks to a flawless base that stays on

🔸 how to play with different coloured eye shadows and techniques to change up your look

🔸 how to choose and apply lip, cheek and eye colors that bring out your best features – and NOT look ‘draggy’, only pretty and feminine

🔸 which products which will make you look younger, and which just age you  (if that’s your goal!) – as well as which products are NOT best suited to feminising 

🔸 Feminising tricks with brows for trans and CD women and what NOT to do

🔸 how to navigate your makeup bag to best suit your beautiful face 

🔸 how to speed up your makeup application and where you can cut corners

🔸  Iridis self-love tricks, so you’ll feel more positive about your appearance, learn to see the beauty in your face, feel more confident in  yourself and feel better about how you present to the world!

🍾 Glass or three of bubbly and a custom grazing box and sweets, as well as bottom-less cups of tea and coffee

🛍 Lucky Door Prize valued at $150

👩🏼‍🎨 6 Hour, hands-on Lesson focusing on a quick, feminising look for day (and how to turn it into a smokin’ night time look in 10 minutes!). Finally get that expert advice you’ve been searching for. You’ve found your people!

🌟 $199 for 6 hours of Iridis Makeup Magic PLUS 2 hour Drinks & Nibbles at the end of the day!  

👩🏻 👩🏼Bring a friend and you both get two entries into the Lucky Door Prize!

“I visited Iridis for a trans/CD woman individual makeup lesson with a trans women/cd makeover at the end. I booked before a night out. It was amazing. They were really professional. Great conversations were had while I spent the day there learning makeup techniques and getting dolled up. I would highly recommend this. Throughout the day I felt more like a friend than a client and the outcome was amazing. Got so many compliments.” Suzie

Book now to secure your place! $199 for the six hour lesson, glass or three of bubbly or wine, custom grazing box, and an entry into the lucky door prize, valued at $150, and a 2 hour drinks social event at the conclusion of the workshop, hanging out with like-minded women, looking as gorgeous as you!

“I initially booked a session with PG after feeling drawn to her energy while scrolling through her website. Little did I know,that decision would mark the beginning of an incredible journey of self-discovery. I went there as a male Crossdresser and I was bit nervous but from the moment I stepped into her studio, PG’s warmth and acceptance enveloped me, making me feel safe and understood. Her expertise in makeup artistry is unmatched, but it’s her genuine care and compassion that truly set her apart. With each brush stroke, PG not only enhanced my features but also helped me embrace my femininity, even giving me my new name, Samantha. From my very first experience with makeup, PG’s unwavering kindness has been a constant. Her support in feminizing myself, both through makeup techniques and personal guidance, has been invaluable. PG’s compassionate nature continues to inspire me, and I’m grateful for her role in my journey towards self-acceptance. I am now living full time as a proud trans woman and it all started with a little bit of makeup at Iridis. Thank you, PG, for being more than just a makeup artist—you are a guiding light in my life.” Samantha Shah

^^ Personal note from Peta-Gai: This testimonial made me blubber like a baby – and sums up why I love doing what I do and why what we do at Iridis is something special. Since meeting Sam in June 2020, I have done her makeup and wig styling (while she grew her own hair) and now her own hair styling for 6 different occassions (two of which were photoshoots to immortalise her feminine), femininised her brows at least 8 times, performed about 6 Luxe Lash Lifts, and colour matched her to the perfect Iridis makeup for her colouring. She also has videoed days of my workshops, was present and assisted was I filmed two eCourses about makeup (including my Trans Makeup eCourse!), I interviewed her for my doco series, ‘Tales of Transitioning’ and she has photographed the entire Iridis product line for the new website! Sam is an extraordinarily smart woman, kind, sweet, funny and utterly gorgeous. Helping her transition has been one of the highlights of my career and an honour of my life. 

Enjoy the various looks we’ve done on Sam (in order for her makeovers!):


Please note your tickets are non-refundable for these workshops, as we have minimum numbers to meet to ensure the workshop proceeds. You are able to reschedule your ticket once in the case of illness or other issue.


About Peta-Gai, your Makeup Artist Educator & Founder of Iridis Cosmetics and Trans Makeup Lessons

Workshops at Iridis HQ in Yarraville are mainly run by Peta-Gai, Iridis Founder. Peta-Gai is passionate and extremely knowledgable when it comes to makeup, and is patient, kind and understanding as a teacher. She is a vibrant, motivating and energetic presenter, who will not only teach you how to apply your own makeup, but will also show you how to find the thing that makes you most gorgeous, and demonstrate why it’s important to focus on all the things that make you beautiful (even if you can’t see those things – she will!) You’ll be applying makeup to your own face, following along with the demo we do on a real-life Trans woman, by watching our step by step photos and reviewing your Glamtorial worksheets and handouts. There’s lots of time for questions. And if you need makeup top ups, you are also eligible to buy the Iridis Glamtorial Makeup Packs which are discounted (up to 30% off retail!) and are not available online.

Most women haven’t had the benefit of being taught makeup by a professional. Here is your opportunity to learn makeup from a professional Makeup Artist who has the specialty of feminising the trans and CD face. There is nothing else like this available and women like you fly in from all over the country to enjoy the Iridis experience.

Peta-Gai is an expert in Trans and Cross Dressing Makeup Education. Peta-Gai loves her work with Trans & CD women and truly believes it to be some of the most rewarding work she has done. She loves a good makeover – but NOTHING beats a trans/CD makeover! She’s built a reputation for not only being an expert in this space, but also being kind, gentle, encouraging and inspiring. She’s worked with Trans & CD women for over 10 years, and has built an extensive community of trans and CD women and has a wonderfully gender-affirming service menu for Trans & CD Women, non-binary folk and the Gender Diverse:

  • A Trans & CD Women Makeoverhave PG do your makeup and see what’s possible – let her feminise you for your viewing and experiential pleasure! $275

  • Private Makeup LessonBook 3 or 6 hours and have Peta-Gai teach you all of the skincare and makeup tips to feminise your face and learn which products do which things and why – this is the HOW TO making over your gorgeous face. You’ll get all the handouts and information so you can replicate your look at home and all products are available for purchase at a discount. $427 & $797
  • Group Makeup Lesson – Glamtorials® (just like this one!) 6 hours, drinks after, all the makeup and skincare you can handle for a full day experience $199
  • Brow Whispering Feminisation Sculpt & Tint (and Lamination if you needit!) – Peta-Gai is the Brow Whisperer, and will feminise your brows and create lift and shapeto soften your brow bone and forehead, make your nose appear smaller and your cheekbones look higher. Beauty Therapists haven’t had the training that PG has in brows – this feminisation is nextlevel! We can keep them more masc or borderline femme/masc if you’re still living two sides of your life. $95 for the first session, $75 for subseequent sessions booked within 4 weeks or $85 for any between 4-6 weeks.
  • Feminisation Luxe Lash Lift – curl your lashes to semi-permanent perfection and have a little secret femme thing just for YOU. Your lashes stay in the lifted position, looking like you are wearing subtle mascara, making your eyes look bigger and prettier, lasts for 6-12 weeks! $95

  • Two-Day Trans Feminisation Immersion Experience – our premiere trans experience! Spend two whole days with Peta-Gai and enjoy a Luxe Lash Lift, Feminisation Brow Sculpt, one full day of makeup for trans/CD women including day and night makeup and all the feminisation hacks. Every basic makeup technique is covered and then some! We will even do a photoshootvon my iPhone at the end for you to have some gorgeous photos of yourself. Day two is a discussion of all things trans that will aid you in your journey into the feminine and help you present as a woman with confidence. We cover all the things that will make your life easier as a trans woman – wig choice and type, nails, perfume, breast size choices, lingerie, where to shop, tucking and the how of ‘putting yourself together’ beautifully. There’s a whole segment on clothes and how to find your style. Lots of practical tips on coming out at work and with friends and family, psychological advice from a gender psychologist on how to navigate transitioning, and navigating partners, family and friends. There’s a lot on the medical side of transitioning – hormones, facial feminisation surgery, gender affirmation surgery and practical tips on voice training. ALL THE INFO YOU NEED TO START THE JOURNEY TO THE WOMAN OF YOUR DREAMS.  $1999
  • Trans Makeup Lesson eCourse – coming soon! All of your makeup and social transitioning information outlined above, in an easy to watch format of videos and workbooks to watch at your own leisure with unlimited, lifetime access, as well as a private Facebook Group to build your community of women just like you. Learn all the basics and more advanced makeup techniques to take your makeup to the next level. Learnadditional inforamtion about stepping intothe feminine and discover the ‘girly hacks’ around wigs, lingerie, nails, perfume, clothes, how to change your name, navigatingcoming out and telling your family and friends and so much more!
  • ‘Tales of Transitioning’Trans Interview Series soon to launch on YouTube. Peta-Gai interviews her beautiful trans clients and shares their stories of triumph, bravery, fear, sadness, elation and joy…. and their ultimate stories of success and authenticity.