Have you got attractive armpits?

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Have you seen this around the internet yet? Dyeing your armpit hair?

Underarm colouringPretty colours under your arms to match the hair on your head or your outfit? Well, I have. I’ve seen it a lot in various forums and pages and groups on Social Media. And every time it’s posted, there’s so many comments about how  ‘disgusting’ it is, how unhygienic, unattractive, revolting and a whole lot of “each to their own, but I’d never grow my underarms because it’s so gross”. Each to their own??? Really? Live and let live, but say how long and coloured underarms are “gross”? Implying these women are gross? Well, clearly, it’s gotten my attention and not in a good way.

C’mon ladies! The way we judge other women is what is revolting and disgusting! We are so hard on other women – the shoes they wear, the outfits they choose, the way they style their hair, how much makeup they do or don’t wear. Snide comments here, judgements there, sniggers behind backs about the little details. It never ceases to amaze me how women judge other women about these fashion, hair, makeup and beauty choices. And that’s exactly it – a CHOICE about how you want to present to the world.

Judgements couched in “Well, I wouldn’t do it, but….” And you know what this REALLY is? It’s a reflection of how harshly we judge OURSELVES. Yep – we judge others because we are so hung up about our own beauty and appearance and can’t be nice to ourselves, let alone not judge other women. (This isn’t every woman, but its a LOT of women.)

I even have women apologise to me about their face when they sit in my makeup chair. APOLOGISE about THEIR FACE.  Too many wrinkles. Awful skin tone. Bad acne. Small eyes. Thin lips. No cheekbones. Double chins. Judgement, judgement, judgement. Why aren’t we focussing on the beauty? The things we love about ourselves? The things our best friend sees in us and thinks is beautiful? The amazing soulful eyes we have, the smooth skin, the gorgeous smile we share with those we love? There’s so much to be celebrating!

So here’s a MAKEUP WAKEUP, ladies.

As a Makeup Artist, one of the truly most magical and wonderful things about my job (and there’s a lot – I love what I do) is that when I’m doing someone’s makeup, I’m looking past the physical and into their soul, then I create a makeup look that suits them, and enhances the true beauty I see there.

Every single woman (and a few guys) I’ve worked on has something unique, beautiful and heart-warming about them and then my job as a Makeup Artist is to bring that out – enhance that beauty, see the gorgeousness that’s there and enhance it. I truly spend my day looking for the beauty in the world and amplifying it.

I’m not looking at the flaws or the things to “cover up”- I’m looking for the beauty to enhance.

This view of the world has flowed over into my life – I get to look at the beauty in all sorts of situations, even in ones where people would think there isn’t any.

So what I see in these photos of young women dyeing their underarm hair is a beautiful expression of self. In one of the many beautiful ways we can do so.

I’m all about the FEELINGS in fashion and beauty. If it makes you FEEL GOOD to wear that outfit, colour your hair, apply makeup to your face, be a punk, wear a tight fitting sexy dress or be a boho goddess, then do it. Wear what makes you FEEL GOOD and go and DO GOOD in the world. And if that means dyeing your underarm hair to match your outfit, then fricken well do it. And stop judging others about their fashion choices, because deep down, you’re only judging yourself. And who needs more of that shit?


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