Every Drop Beauty Spatula

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This amazing tool suits Makeup Artists and Consumers alike!

Using this, you can get every last drop of product out of your bottles, tubs and tubes.

This reusable and washable tiny spatula bends and allows you to use three different edges of its patented head to get right to the bottom of bottles and under the sides and shoulders, which can help you save up to 25% on every beauty/makeup bottle you own!

This spatula works on every shape and size of a bottle or container, tall and short, and its silicon tip does not absorb like cotton tips.

Award winning product: Beauty Store Business – A Best Beauty Product 2012

  • Useful for every travel kit – Don’t run out of product while travelling, use Every Drop Beauty Spatula to retrieve the remaining product you cannot access.
  • Product applications include: Anti Aging Creams, Serums, Foundation, Keratin Hair Treatments, Hand Care Lotions, Body Care Creams, Bath Products, Mineral Makeup, Tanning products, any liquid, lotion or creams.  Product shape is trademarked.
  • To Clean: Wash in room temperature soapy water before and after each use. Do not clean in dishwasher.
  • Storage: Do not leave in beauty containers for an extended time.

3 reviews for Every Drop Beauty Spatula

  1. Peta-Gai

    There is something so satisfying about a completely empty bottle, knowing you have gotten EVERYTHING out of it. This spatula helps me feel like I’ve really gotten my money’s worth! Love it! It literally does what it says it will – help you get every drop out! 🙂

  2. kerrilynpacker2013

    Fantastic for getting into those hard to reach places and really getting every drop from a bottle, makes you feel like you’ve really gotten value for money from your product, thanks.

  3. Bryony

    I have seen this product used all over social media and was so excited to get my hands on one! The postage was quick and simple, but when I opened the beauty spatula I had received a pink heart shaped spatula instead of the white one advertised. I am sure the different spatula head will work fine, I just wish that the possibility in receiving different products was advertised 🙂

    • Peta-Gai

      Hi Bryony, thanks for that feedback – we’ve updated the image to their new design (which was a surprise to us too when we received our shipment!) And we are so glad you have found it to be so useful – us too – such a great product! 🙂 Love, Iridis. x

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