Highlighting and Contouring Refills and Pots

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These gorgeous Highlighting & Contour Powders will sculpt your face and highlight your cheekbones to create a sculpted and more fabulous shape to your face.

Our Contours (Light & Dark tones for different skin tones) will create a shadow on your face to minimise features, make noses look smaller, cheekbones more prominent, double chins less doubly and create shape and planes to your beautiful face.

The Light Contour is a cool based contour, which looks very natural.

The Dark Contour is a warmer shade, made for warmer skin tones.

Our shimmery Highlighter will POP your cheekbones with a soft glow (not glitter – that stuff is NOT flattering) and make your eyes look more sparkly, create a youthful sheen and just add a whole bunch of general gorgeousness. You’ll be amazed at what a highlight will do to your beautiful face!


2 reviews for Highlighting and Contouring Refills and Pots

  1. Jacqui

    Love a good powder contour, the colour I use is bare skin and it is just perfect. very highly pigmented so I don’t need a lot at all and love that I can hide my extra chins quick and easy on a daily basis without having to fuss with cream contour.

  2. Sarah McCheese

    LIFE CHANGING. Over the years I have tried (my GAWD, I have TRIED!!) to nail contouring and it had been disastrous. THEN I found Iridis. It’s the right COLOUR! It’s so very easy to apply and is basically fool proof!!! …Seriously, if I can achieve perfect looking cheekbones (in roughly 10 seconds) while 3 tiny people are bouncing around me in the bathroom, anyone can do it.

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