Tweens Makeup & Self-Esteem Glamtorial® (8-12 yrs) Sunday, 30 June 2:00pm-4:00pm


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The messages we send tweens and teens about makeup and our appearance are critical to get right:

  • Makeup is optional.
  • Makeup doesn’t make you prettier.
  • Makeup is fun. A tool to use, but it’s not everything.
  • And importantly – we know that makeup is all about confidence and it’s essential that our tweens and teens learn that makeup is not a mask, it’s not about hiding anything, it’s about enhancing the beauty that we all have and it’s about giving yourself confidence, feelings of empowerment and gorgeousness.

Our two-hour group workshop, covering beautiful age-appropriate content includes:

🌟 skincare basics

🌟 BB Cream base and light powder (not heavy foundation)

🌟 cheeks and highlighting

🌟 two-colour eyeshadow eye look

🌟 mascara and brows

🌟 lip gloss.

What sets Iridis apart is the HOW we teach makeup. It’s hands on, easy, and while we teach the makeup techniques, we also teach elements of self-esteem, confidence, how to believe in yourself and how to find the things that make you most beautiful – inside and out. These elements are of particular importance with our teens.






We also cover, as conversational points, during the makeup lesson, how to:
🌟 find what makes you beautiful (inside and outside)
🌟 accept and give compliments
🌟 set boundaries of behaviour with others
🌟 to believe in yourself
🌟 speak up and believe what you have to say matters
🌟 ideas on how deal with bullies confidently
🌟 what negative self-talk does to you and why the positive approach is better all round
🌟 be yourself and celebrate what makes you unique – authenticity and diversity is to be celebrated.

At the end of the session we will include a mini iPhone photography session and Certificate of Participation.


$79 per person.

Minimum 6 partcipants, maximum 10. (Please note that if we do not get sufficient bookings to go ahead, we may need to reschedule the Glamtorial®.)

For each session, we supply everything (skincare, makeup, brushes, tools and mirrors). Our makeup is hypo-allergic, made from plant-based ingredients, and non-reactive, made from premium ingredients, and cruelty-free of course. So, no nasties!

NOTE: Older teens workshops are also available for 13-15s & 16-18s with the older teens having a longer session (3 hours), and covering more advanced makeup techniques including contouring, eyeliner, a third eyeshadow technique and lipstick. The self-esteem and confidence element is throughout all of our Iridis workshops, and pitched to the appropriate age. 

We schedule these workshops during the school holidays, or can create bespoke workshops for birthday parties, end of school gatherings or general group sessions. For birthdays, a free gift is included for the birthday girl and a fair bit of extra attention.

Mums/caregivers are welcome to attend the sessions, watching from the sidelines. It’s always great to hear the language and concepts used about positive self-esteem and confidence so that the conversation can continue at home.

Tween Gorgeousness ahead!

Age-appropriate, confidence-inducing, fun-embodying makeup and self-esteem lessons for your tweens. 


Testimonial from Biki:  Attending Iridis Cosmetics’ Teen Makeup & Self-Esteem Workshop was a transformative experience for my 13 year old daughter. Not only did she learn essential makeup skills, but she also gained confidence, self-love, and resilience at a time that she needed it the most. The supportive environment, practical makeup tips, and empowering messages made a lasting impact. Thank you PG for providing such a wonderful workshop in such a safe and loving way, you and your team’s commitment to inclusivity helped my daughter embrace her uniqueness. Highly recommend!”

Testimonial from Krissy:  My daughter was lucky enough to attend an Iridis workshop designed to inspire and lift young women’s self esteem. The space was set up so invitingly, with each workshop participant given an array of products to work with. P.G. spent lots of time talking with the girls and really got them relaxed and comfortable. The Iridis products seemed really easy to use and my daughter said she enjoyed trying a new brand. P.G. guided the group through tips and techniques to get them off on the right foot into their journey with make up. With a tonne of information online available to young adults about makeup, there is something about sitting in a room with a professional that you can’t really get from a 30 second tik tok tutorial.”


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