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Peta-Gai’s all time favourite Iridis product (so far!). This Eye and Lip Primer will keep your eyeshadows and lipsticks wearing true all day – no creasing, no smudging and no worries! The primer is a long-wearing, waterproof, silky base that is applied to the eyes or lips, to smooth out the area, remove discolouration, and provide a hold-tight finish for eyeshadow or lipstick. Never apply eyeshadow without it – it brings out the true, intense colour of the eyeshadow, and can also help prevent feathering of lipsticks and gloss.

16 reviews for Eye & Lip Primer

  1. Lisa McCarthy

    I’d never heard of eye primer until I attended an Iridis Glamtorial. I feel like I have discovered a secret make up trick. This makes such a difference under eyeshadow, no crease lines and it lasts and lasts and lasts… Top marks!

  2. Kath S

    When this was recommended I thought it was just another sell. But I’ve run out of it and I MISS it!! Without it my eyeshadow fades hours earlier than before! This really keeps your eyeshadow looking vibrant.

  3. Eve O’Shea

    This product is the bomb, the perfect base for any look! On fairer skin it works as a lightweight concealer and completely neutralises redness on all skin tones.

  4. Katie McIntyre

    I am addicted to eye primer. I had never heard of it before I had a glamatorial, now I can’t go a day without it. Love, love, love it. A must try!

  5. Maggie Cooper

    An absolute must have in your little bag of tricks. If you want your eyeshadow to stay on day AND night, then this little baby is for you! Makes for a beautiful canvas base to work up a masterpiece. Swish, blend, love! Lol

  6. Cristina

    I’ve been using Iridis products for years and have to admit this is one of their best products!! Have never used an eye primer but now I can’t go without it !! Can be used on its own for a more natural fresh look, but it’s best under eyeshadow and lipstick – holds it looking perfect all day, no creases! Something every girl must have in her makeup kit.

  7. Kelli Graham

    My entire life I put up with creases in my eye make-up, figuring it was just ‘my eyes’ that were the problem… until my first glamatorial, and I was introduced to this eye primer. Now, my eye shadow never creases, looks like the colour in the palette, and stays put from sun up to sun down. A staple that I use every day and can’t live without!

  8. Rebecca Guy

    Oh my this stuff is amazing. I am a complete monkey when it comes to makeup application but this honestly provides the best base to put eyeshadow on. Instead of having the eyelid creases all caked up and ugly, this makes a nice smooth lid, (like it used to be when I was 20 and wore makeup more often hahaha)

  9. Jacqui

    cannot do my makeup without this primer….my shadow looks so much more vibrant and stays on all day and night. It is so creamy and I don’t have to wait for it to set. It doesn’t make folds on my eyelid either. it also covers up any discoloration on my lid so I don’t put anything but moisturizer on my eyes as this does everything else for me. love it!

  10. Kirsty

    I am a hard cookie to impress in the makeup department ? I’m naturally sceptical, especially when investing in a high end product.

    This stuff blew me away!! It is perfect! I recommend it to everyone. It’s light weight but full coverage, doesn’t crease and covers dark circles around the upper eye and blends naturally into my skin tone ❤️❤️ I have used it for an intense cut crease many times, I only put a nuetral white or cream on my lip and this stuff intensifies the pigment or the shadow x10! My Instagram is kirstygb89 and every eyelook I have done has this as the bass ❤️❤️

  11. Amy

    Any product that means my eye makeup is still perfect after a day of sweating through the Singapore humidity is a winner as far as I’m concerned! I’d never even heard of eye primer until I found Iridis, but now I use this whenever I need my eyes to look awesome all day – makes the colours much more intense, smooths out all those pesky creases and it doesn’t move til I choose to take it off. Brilliant.

  12. Nadine

    This Primer has seriously changed my life! My makeup stays all day and looks perfect by bed time.

  13. Jaclyn Lees

    If only there was more stars than 5! Once this is on nothing budges! It’s like silk on and so easy to use, a perfect base for u to create art work on your lids!!

  14. cb

    Just a few extra seconds every morning… this eye primer is completely worth it! On rare occasions I skip the primer and just slap on some eyeshadow and race out the door (sorry PG!) but I ALWAYS regret it. Eye primer is amazing, it feels beautiful, it keeps the eyeshadow looking vibrant all day. I highly recommend taking the time for this one extra little step (O:

  15. Elyse Feinstein

    I love this eye primer! It’s smooth and glides on like butter. It helps keep my eyeshadow in place all day and doesn’t irritate my eyes.

  16. MD.makeupartist

    Want to know a secret?? Just about every Makeup artists worth their salt has this bad boy in their kit….. Why?? Because it’s the best eye/lip primer ever made! It’s dual action not only gives your eyeshadows and lipstick staying power it also enhances the pigments of colours to give you that added WOW factor!
    If you love to wear bold colours or shimmers this eye primer is your new best friend – don’t tell everyone your secret…. keep them guessing and gaging at your long lasting, colour popping makeup!
    Slay giiirls!!

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