Janssen All Skin Oily & Combination Clarifying Cream Gel 50ml


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Iridis is an authorised retailer of the incredible Janssen Cosmecueticals. Because they are fancy AF, we are giving you the short skincare story up front, and the lonnnngg skincare story after that, depending upon how much info you need to consume before clicking add to cart! 

The SHORT STORY on this brilliant product: 


Due to a seborrheic (oily-moist) skin condition, the sebum follicles are widened. The observer is confronted with the image of skin with enlarged

pores, combined with a disturbing oily sheen and frequently accompanied by blackheads. If nodules and/or inflammation are present, these are generally referred to as papules and pustules. Not infrequently, the skin appears whitish-pale and is nevertheless relatively intransparent, as it is rather thick.

The skin’s exterior appearance often leads to mental suffering for the afflicted persons. Within the field of care cosmetics, it is therefore desirable to prevent these characteristics of blemished skin, i.e. skin which is susceptible to acne, or to ensure that the symptoms abate as rapidly as possible.The natural equilibrium of the skin’s function and its healthy

bacterial flora should be restored in this case.

Why use this product? Clarifying Cream Gel is 24-hour care which is low in lipids and meets the above care requirements. 

What make this product amazing?  

The light texture refreshes in the manner of a hydro gel and simultaneously offers the care of a light cream. When used daily, Clarifying Cream Gel effectively combats the causes of blemishes.

The LONGER SKINCARE STORY on this brilliant product:

Skin type: Combination or Oily

Skin concern: I want a moisturiser that will reduce my oiliness, can help with blemishes, but won’t dry out my skin.

How to use: Apply Clarifying Cream Gel onto cleansed skin in the morning and/or evening and massage in gently. Also suitable as a foundation for make-up.

Key Ingredients 


• Butyl avocadate: Distillate from the avocado fruit, anti-sebum active


• Aloe vera extract: Soothing, skin-clarifying, moisturizing

• Red algae extract (Condrus crispus): Moisturizing

• Fine polyamide powder: Porous, round spheres, microfine, absorb

surplus sebum and leave the surface of the skin looking matte

• Refines the pore structure

• Inflammation abates faster, new

inflammation is prevented

• Regulates the sebum gland


• Blemishes are prevented

• Calming, balancing and


• Leads to a clear and silky-matte

skin profile


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