Lip Shit


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This Shit is the shiz. 


Most lip balms have ingredients which don’t penetrate, instead, only smoothing out the surface layer of the lips, but are actually dehydrating your lips more so you end up having to use more lip balm. Most lip balms on the market actually won’t heal your lips at all from cracking or dehydration – so you have to keep reapplying and then have to keep buying more lip balm. Another beauty industry rort! BUT NOT THIS SHIT. 


This all-natural cheekily-named product is a Makeup Artist secret, as it plumps up lips, keeps them super hydrated, actually penetrates the lips, and helps retain moisture. It works. Actually works. An amazing product to nourish and protect the lips.  With all natural ingredigents to protect your lips.


With awesome flavour combos, these have all natural ingredients:  Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Lanolin, Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract. 


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