Janssen Dry Skin Night Replenisher

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The Night Replenisher is a rich care cream for dry skin with hyaluronic acid, avocado oil and an extract from white lupines.

Night Replenisher is also suitable as day care in lipid-deficient skin. Face Guard also ensures optimal light protection and is applied beneath Night Replenisher

Instructions for Use:

Apply onto the face, neck and neckline after cleansing and toning in the evening, and massage in gently.

Active Ingredients:

  • Short-chain Hyaluronic acid: Low-molecular and biotechnologically obtained moisturizer with high moisture binding capacity, penetrates down to the lower layer of the epidermis and visibly “pads” it out, smoothes the skin and protects its moisture
  • White lupines: Hydrolysate from lupine proteins, increases cellular activity in the basal cell layer, promotes the formation of keratinocytes, resulting in an improved barrier function and increased moisture binding capacity
  • Avocado oil: Deep-acting care thanks to the natural phytosterol content, soothes the skin and increases its suppleness
  • Vitamin E acetate: Antioxidant, protects the cell membranes against free radicals

2 reviews for Janssen Dry Skin Night Replenisher

  1. Debra Young

    I do have dry skin but after a few weeks of this product my skin is feeling amazing

  2. Kat

    Rich but not heavy, my oily yet dry skin is so much happier with some decent hydration that this delivers.

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