Janssen Skincare – Dry Skin Hydro Active Gel 50ml (formerly Aquatense Moisture Gel)



An absolute must for dry, dehydrated, scaly or rough skin – this is an incredibly light cream gel that will readily absorb into your skin, providing a huge dose of WATER (not oil) to help hydrate skin. Dehydrated skin needs water to hydrate first and foremost. This product will deliver a huge “drink of water” to your skin!

This refreshing cream-gel is for dry, moisture-deficient skin. With aquaporin stimulating peptide (ASP) and a hydration complex consisting of hyaluronic acid and Atlantic algae. Aquatense Moisture Gel+ is intensive,  and immediate assistance that supplies thirsty skin with moisture.

Fine wrinkles caused by dryness are smoothed, the complexion is improved, and support is provided to reduce the harmful effect of free radicals caused by UV.

How to use:

After cleansing and toning, apply onto face, neck and neckline and distribute gently in the morning and/or evening, as preferred.

Tip: Can be combined with any care cream or used on its own! If using with other creams – cleanse, toner, apply eye cream and serum and THEN apply the AquaIntense, then your usual day or night cream. It’s truly remarkable at how well it will restore water into the skin.


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