Male to Female Transgender & CD Makeup Lessons

Male to Female Trans & Cross Dressing (CD) Makeup Lessons 

Being a rainbow company ourselves (Iridis Founders, Kelly & Peta-Gai are wife and wife and run the business together…plus, ‘Iridis’ is Latin for rainbow!), Iridis is extremely proud to offer MTF Transgender & Cross Dressing (CD) Makeup Lessons in Melbourne.

Peta-Gai is very experienced in teaching makeup to Trans & CD Women, to create the illusion of more feminine features, and can show you how to use these makeup techniques to feminize your look. In the complete privacy of the Iridis Makeup Studio in Yarraville, your confidentiality and privacy is assured. We are warm, encouraging and patient, while we show you our ‘feminine hacks’ for you to create a beautiful face of makeup to help you feel more like the woman you are on the inside. Iridis is a safe, private, non-judgemental and welcoming place where your diversity is celebrated. You’ll feel like one of the girls – which is exactly as it should be. 

Your makeup design and lesson will be tailored just for you, in a hands-on, practical and information-packed session, designed to show you how to:

  • prep your face for makeup – including simple skin care tips;
  • cover your beard shadow;
  • create a more flawless foundation finish that will last all day;
  • minimize more masculine features;
  • highlighting and contouring;
  • apply simple eyeshadow techniques to make your eyes pop;
  • choose colours that will suit you and flatter your complexion;
  • apply expert makeup to have you feeling one step closer to your true, authentic self.

Bring your wigs, and your feminine outfits and we’ll even take a photo for you in the great makeup lighting, on your phone, for you to have a record of your enhanced gorgeousness!

Three Hours* of Makeup Lesson Gorgeousness: $427, incl. GST

Six Hours *of Makeup Lesson Gorgeousness: $797, incl. GST

There are also other packages we can arrange for you – like a Feminisation Brow Service, a Luxe Lash Lift, a Trans Makeover (where we get you glam and you get to see your female self through the eyes of a makeup artist!) and even a two day Trans Feminisation Immersion Experience. Contact us for more information. 

*Please note that your session time may go over the allocated time due to the variances of a makeup lesson and how people learn best. We go at your pace, so you’re not rushed, as this is often a new experience for you. We also take time to get to know you and your journey as part of the lesson process, so I can get a feel for who you are, what your journey has been and how best I can service you. I allocate extra time for you as part of this process.

Testimonial from Belinda, who is now living as a woman, her true self: When I was a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding, I searched around for a professional makeup artist to make me look as good as possible for this special day. I did a lot of online searching and came across Iridis Cosmetics, which seemed worth trying. On the day of the wedding, Peta-Gai McLaughlin came to my place to do my makeup. I have had my makeup professionally done a few times before, but no one did such a great job as Peta-Gai. The result was extraordinary. As a transgender female, I was astounded at how beautiful she made me look and feel. Her makeup skills are astounding, as are her hair styling skills. At the end of the day of the wedding, I was so reluctant to wipe off my makeup. Her work seemed like a true masterpiece. I will only ever use Iridis Cosmetics in future for any more professional makeup. I highly recommend Peta-Gai and Iridis to anyone considering getting their makeup done.”

Photo: The gorgeous Belinda, ready for her first official outing as a woman – as a bridesmaid in her bestie’s wedding! (This was emotional for both of us – Peta-Gai and Belle had a little teary moment together when she was all made up – it was a moment that forged their life-long frienship.) Makeup and Wig Styling by Peta-Gai.