How to Rock a Red Lip

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How to Rock a Red Lip

“I can’t wear a red lip – it just doesn’t suit my colouring”, said one of my Makeup Lesson clients the other day. Ihear this a lot with red lippie. Somewhere, some of us have gotten it in our heads that a red lip won’t work for us. But I suspect it’s just like the “I can’t speak in public,” or “I can’t find time to exercise,” or “I’ve never been a good cook”. They’re just things we tell ourselves, but really, they’re just comfort zone stuff that makes us feel safe to not branch out.

As a Makeup Artist, many of my clients want to wear a red lipstick, but then second guess themselves and think they can’t wear red because they tried one once that made them look just wrong. I’m here to tell you that you can find a red lip to suit you – it’s just a matter of arming yourself with a little colour theory and you too can be one of those women who embrace the power of a killer red lip.

A red lip is a powerful statement. Some clients I have will only ever wear a red lip. Lipstick can be so much of a personal, and emotional, choice, and we get attached to a lipstick shade. I mean, I wore Poppy King’s ‘Vanity’ Lipstick from 1995 to 1998 pretty much religiously, every day. (Don’t judge. It was the 90s. We all wore browny burgundies in matte formulations.) But a magic red lip is classic. It is classy and it is hot. And it’s all about finding the right red for you.

Now sure, you put an orange-based red on a pale, pink under-toned, cool blonde and it’s going to look hideous. But pair a blue-based red on a pink-toned blonde and you have pure magic, my friend. Or a deep purple-based red on a dark brunette – OOOH LA LA.

Here’s a few Iridis tips on how to work out whether you should wear an orange based red or a blue-based red, but first, check out the seventh FAQ on the Iridis website to determine whether you have a cool or warm undertone here, as it is your first decision to work out which RED LIP is for you.

Orange based Red Lippies:

  • Natural redheads, very tanned or darker skinned beauties, or anyone with warmer skin tones ROCK an orange-based rred lips swatched - for the articleed.
  • Try the Iridis Lippies in “Glamour Puss” (the Marilyn-style orange-red) or “Tulip” (a red-coral toned soft red – perfect for those not willing to commit to a big red lip) or “Urbanista” (a fantastic dark red, in a matte formulation)

Blue based Red Lippies:

  • Cool undertones (like pink and beige skin tones) look amazing with a blue-based reds (because blue is a cool colour, therefore, it complements the cooler skin tones)
  • Try the Iridis lippies in “Russian” (a semi-matte blue-based red) or “Seriously” (a glossier and deeper version) or “True Brit” (a British flag red – rich and true, in a matte formulation)
  • Cherry reds and reds with purple tones are also great on the cooler skin toned goddesses. Try “ Vixen” or even some wonderful deep  plums like “Plateaux” or “Damsel”.

Either way, a red lip has to be carried off with CONFIDENCE. You can’t act like a wall flower with killer red lips. Like any makeup, I always say this: “Decide on the look you’re wanting to create, and just WEAR IT. OWN IT. ROCK IT. And remember that your gorgeousness comes from the inside, out.”

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