Makeup Products

Are Iridis Cosmetics cruelty free?

Our products are NOT tested on animals, are Paraben-free, cruelty-free and ethically sourced. This was a not-negotiable point for us. We are proudly animal lovers and responsible corporate citizens.

Are Iridis Cosmetics vegan?

On the whole, yes. Our Lipsticks and some liners contain beeswax, which is a product produced by bees, not made from bees.

I’ve got sensitive skin – can I use Iridis products?

Our makeup range is hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance free and allergy tested, and are are suitable for people with sensitive skin, but if in doubt, please ensure you do a patch test to be sure, before applying to your face. If you have any known ingredients allergies, click here to search our product ingredients.

Are Iridis Cosmetics Australian?

Yes, we are an Australian-owned company, and we provide jobs for Australian Makeup Artists and other professionals. By supporting us, you are supporting your local economy.

Where are your products made?

We import our Iridis products from various high-end manufacturers in the US and Canada.

Do you provide samples?

We can provide samples of some of our products (the liquid and wet products especially), subject to availability, but the best way to try the products, is to book an Iridis Makeup Party and try them in the comfort of your own home or office.

How do I know what foundation colour to buy? What are cool and warm undertones?

Iridis foundations come in both “cool” and “warm” colours, in light, medium and dark shades, and choosing which one will suit you, depends upon the undertone of your skin colour:

  • If you have more yellow in your skin, you’re likely to be a warm undertone
  • If you have more pink/red or neutral colouring, you’re likely to be more of a cool undertone
  • Your Iridis Makeup Consultants are trained to be able to identify your undertones and recommend the best colour for you, but many Makeup Artists swear by using the colour of the veins on the inside of your wrist:
    • If they’re visibly blue or purple, then you may have cooler undertones
    • If they’re greenish or yellowish in colour, then you may have warmer undertones.

This is a guide only and you should always try the colours to be sure.

How should I test my foundation?

When testing your foundation, the best colour match is to your *actual* colour, not the colour you wish you were. Follow these easy steps to get the right colour for you:

  • Test on your chest first, as you want your foundation to be the same colour as your chest/décolletage, so that your face matches your chest/neck area
  • Then, double test the colour along your jawline of your face – if it blends in perfectly, then it’s a match!
  • Triple check along the bridge of your nose
  • Colours that are too light will make you look sick; colours that are too dark will make you look like you’ve not matched your foundation properly and that you have a mask on your face and a different colour on your neck – avoid like the plague!
  • If you want to add more colour to your face after matching your foundation to your skin tone perfectly, then add some powder or bronzer, for some added warmth

Does Iridis provide gift vouchers or certificates?

Iridis happily provides vouchers and gift certificates as gifts for your beloved, family or friends, for makeup services, products or makeup lessons.

Do I need to host a Makeup Party to buy Iridis goodies?

You can buy our makeup products without hosting a party, and our internet shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you do host a party, however, you will be eligible for bonus products, for free!

How long should I keep my makeup products?

Makeup has a shelf life, and especially wet-based products; they can be a hive of bacteria, which you’re then putting on your face! Ewwww gross! This can cause breakouts, irritation, infections. So to be sure you’re not putting gross stuff on your face, follow this guide for opened products:

Throw it out if:

  • It smells bad or has any sort of unusual odour at all
  • You can’t remember when you purchased it
  • It stirs up memories from an occasion that happened more than two years ago.


  • Mascara – 3 months
  • Liquid Liner – 12 months
  • Lip Gloss – 6-12 months (if it smells, throw out immediately – yuck!)
  • Lipstick – 2-3 years
  • Foundation, foundation primers, mattifier– water based products 12 months, cream foundations 18 months
  • Cream products (concealer, correctors, eye and face shimmers etc.) –  12 months
  • Pencils – eyeliners, lip pencils, brow pencils – 2 years, but make sure you sharpen regularly
  • Powder  if you use them with the powder puff, 1 year, if you use a brush, 2 years
  • Blushers and Powder Bronzer – 3 years
  • Eyeshadow – 3 years, but every 3-6 months or so, pop them in the freezer for 15 mins, to kill any bacteria that may have attached. Or, if you an eye condition – don’t use them, or you could contaminate your makeup
  • Good quality brushes – forever, but wash them well every 2-3 months (the Iridis Brush Cleaner is amazing, but give them a great shampoo a few times a year) if you’re only using them on yourself (if you’re using on others, wash after every use).

How long does it take to send my order?

We want you to get your Iridis goodies as soon as possible! We will pack your order within 2-3 days of confirmation of your order. For postage times, allow up to 10 days for receipt of your order. We pack and ship orders Monday to Friday, and not on weekends or public holidays.

What method of shipping do you use?

We only ship via “tracked and registered” postage via Australia Post, or express post. Orders over $120 receive free shipping, and orders over $120 are shipped with insurance attached.