Makeup Services

Where is the Iridis Cosmetics Makeup Studio located?

Iridis Cosmetics HQ is at Shop 6, 167-173 Hyde Street, Yarraville, and is open by Appointment. We service all areas of Victoria (subject to travel fees). As Iridis grows, you will be able to find an Iridis Makeup Artist Educator in all corners of Victoria and in other states of Australia.

How can I pay for my makeup services?

Iridis Cosmetics accepts credit and debit card payments via mobile EFTPOS, cash, and bank deposits (which must be received by us before the date of the makeup lesson).

How long does it take for a makeup application service?

Standard makeup application takes between 45 and 60 minutes, so please factor that timing into your plans.

How long does it take for a hair styling service?

Standard hair styling takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending upon hair length and thickness and the style you desire.

Does Iridis Price Match Makeup Services with Competitors?

Iridis Cosmetics provides a premiere, luxury service of makeup – it is not your regular, every day makeup artist service. We believe our prices reflect the value you will get with booking us, and the quality of our work. Peta-Gai, as Iridis owner, has over 25 years experience in makeup. She teaches other makeup artists how to provide a premiere makeup service.

Peta-Gai will mix several foundation colours to get your perfect colour. She will sculpt your face with contouring and highlighting, just like Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist does (look for a before and after photo of Kim K and you will see the value of this!), she is an expert with colour, eyeshadow placement to suit all the different eye shapes, applies false lashes quickly and awesomely and will create your makeup flawlessly, every time. Peta-Gai’s makeup will photography gorgeously, as she works with expert photographers, and knows the important makeup tricks to get the camera loving you.

The photos you see on this website are all created by Peta-Gai, they are not stock photos and you will look as amazing as these women. Your makeup will stay on all day and all night, needing minimal touch ups. Besides the technical makeup skills, Peta-Gai’s personality and warmth means you feel relaxed, positive, happy and calm while sitting in her makeup chair – another important factor to consider on your special day.

Iridis values our services and believe we are worth the prices we charge.  We are not a budget makeup service, and you will not get a budget makeup job. We therefore do not price match with other Makeup Artists, however, we do entertain bulk discounts, and from time to time, have special deals like including false lashes, Iridis products or other incentives.

Can Iridis style my hair too?

Depending upon time availability and the requested style, Peta-Gai can do hair styling as part of your makeup service. This will be charged at an additional cost, and this must be booked prior to the makeup service. 

Will you work with a mobile hair stylist?

For clients who also book a hair stylist, we will “tag-team”, so that you are not rushed, and will be ready in plenty of time. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have also booked a hair stylist.

Can I bring along makeup photos and inspiration pics to my appointment?

Of course you can! It helps us if you have a particular makeup vision you’d like us to recreate, so please feel free to bring photos along to your consultation – the more the better. Alternatively, you can browse our Look Book to be inspired, or just take our expert guidance and let us create the perfect makeup look for you.

What time before the service should I be ready on my wedding day?

For weddings, it is best to be ready about a half an hour before the photographer is due to arrive to take pre-wedding photos.

What’s the difference between individual false lashes and full bar false lashes?

In terms of false lashes, they are a MUST for all special occasions and wedding looks. They are easy to apply and to remove. They will last the duration of your special event and if you’re *really* careful, you can even get another day of wearing individual lashes; and bar lashes are reusable for about 10 times if you look after them carefully.

  • You have two types of false lashes to choose from:
    • Individual lashes are more natural-looking as they come in various sizes and lengths, and give a more subtle, glamorous look with a bit of a “doe-eyed” finish.
    • Full bar or strip lashes give a more polished look, as the lashes are all uniform in size and length. They can vary from dramatic lashes to “natural” looking lashes.
  • Iridis has many different styles, length and thickness in its Lash-tacular® false lashes line, so there is definitely a lash which will suit your look perfectly.

Can I bring my own false lashes to be applied?

To ensure a professional finish to your look, we will only use professionally-branded false lashes. For hygienic reasons, we won’t apply false lashes that have been used previously (even if they’ve only been worn by you), as they may have been cut too short, or aren’t of the quality we are used to dealing with and may ruin the overall look of the makeup we have created on you. We won’t discount the makeup service if you BYO lashes, as there is still time involved in putting them on you. We only use Iridis lashes, or other professional brands of lashes.

When should I get my waxing done before a makeup service?

If you are planning on having waxing done (eyebrows, upper lip etc.), this should be scheduled at least 3 days before the wedding or makeup service, in case of irritation. Makeup may not sit well on freshly-waxed skin.

What should I wear to my makeup service?

If you can, wear a button-shirt or a top with a wide neck, so that you don’t have any issues with damaging hair/makeup when you are changing into your wedding gown or special occasion dress.

What order do you do makeup on my wedding day?

For weddings, we always schedule the bride’s makeup in the middle or second last, so that we have plenty of time to amend any parts of the look, if required. We do not want the bride to be rushed.

Do you have a Makeup & Photography Package for family, couple or individual portraits?

Iridis Cosmetics works with a number of fantastic photographers with whom we can create a Professional Photo Shoot for you, with your beloved, family, or for corporate head shots. Packages and prices vary, depending upon what you are after and the location or studio, so contact us for more information.