Fix Up Stix


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Instantly conceal the appearance of darkness and imperfections with one swipe. This light-diffusing, medium coverage concealer is an advanced technology formula which provides a comfortable and supple finish to even out the skin tone. It is long-wearing (for up to 10 hours). It will bounce light off lines, wrinkkles and imperfections, creating an even and beautiful finish. Use this Fix Up Stix to “fix up” any issues on your face!

This exceptional liquid concealer is to be applied over foundation (but before powder), and will provide:

  • Excellent adhesion for continuous all-day wear
  • Silky texture for improved application and blending
  • Helps to unify the skin tone and create a soft flawlessness.

How to Apply:

Apply to desired area using applicator (unless it’s to be applied to a pimple – then do not use the applicator straight to the face as it will contaminate the product with bacteria, and spread that around your face.) Blend with fingertip, brush or sponge for a seamless finish. Apply powder over the top to set the concealer in place. 


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