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Every artist needs to work on a perfect canvas and this is the first step in flawless foundation or powder application. This silky silicone-based primer, slips over clean, dry skin, giving you the perfect surface to create your base. It has soothing vitamins A & C and grapeseed extract and anti-oxidants to help soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and the specialised silicone-based formula will provide grip to increase the wear and longevity of your foundation. It even helps your skin to take in, and hold, water more efficiently, promoting younger and healthier looking skin. Suits all skin types, however, for very oily skin, we recommend our Mattifier.

20 reviews for Foundation Primer Serum

  1. Kayleigh

    Amaaaaazing! This foundation primer sits ON my face instead of ‘sinking’ into it which I find helps to minimise my pores (huge win for me!) – I find that it creates an amazing base for my foundation and holds it in place all day! My skin doesn’t usually hold make-up too well, so I am thrilled with this 🙂

  2. Lisa Ckark

    Love this product, a beautiful primer. Amazingly, my 75 year old mother adores it, it has made all the difference to how a more elderly skin can wear foundation.

  3. Lisa McCarthy

    I’ve tried other brands of primer but they dried out my skin. This primer is beautiful, it feels like silk, stays on top of your skin and keeps my make upon place all day (& night!). Can’t live without it.

  4. Suzanne Butterworth

    I love, love, LOVE this primer! I’ve used everything from cheap to $80 brand primers and have NEVER been this happy with a product before. It goes on like silk, makes my skin feel sensational and my makeup stays on all day, no mean feat when your days are 12 hours long!

  5. JanelleB

    Just LOVE this primer! It glides on and make my skin feel silky smooth. My foundation just glides on afterwards. Highly recommended!!

  6. Maggie

    Another stunning, must have product. I really couldn’t believe applying a foundation primer first could make such a difference. Sets my foundation beautifully and lasts the entire day. Also, a little bit goes such a long way, so worth every cent.

  7. Cristina

    Loooove this product!! I have tried lots of primers and this one beats all of them. Makes my foundation blend in so nicely and even fills in creases beautifully. Don’t need much to make a big difference. My foundation stays on all day throughout work and after work social events without any touch ups. Also it is non-greasy!!!

  8. Hayley

    This product is superior to all! I use high end make up and I will not settle for any other primer than Iridis! Not only does it last but I does not feel heavy and you only need a minimal amount as the coverage is fantastic. This product is a must for all and is very reasonably priced for what it does for you

  9. Amy

    One of my Iridis must haves, I LOVE this primer! Not only does it make my skin feel beautifully smooth, it makes my foundation go on easily and keeps it there all day. I didn’t really use primers until I discovered Iridis, now I use this one every single day.

  10. Felicity Mclachlan

    This primer feels silky smooth, evens out my skin and creates the perfect base for my makeup to last all day AND night.
    It is my go to primer everyday for myself and a favourite in my Bridal Makeup Kit.

  11. michelle

    I love love love this primer, it is so smooth and you need just a little to cover your whole face. It definitely helps the foundation go on a lot easier and I find I don’t have to use as much foundation either.

  12. Jacqui

    makes my skin feel like a new born baby’s skin, removes all my fine lines and make the foundation glide on. I also use less foundation which is awesome cause it saves me money!

  13. Tayla White

    I’ve tried a few Primers and this one is my favourite by far. It feels amazing on my skin and really helps the foundation to glide on and stay looking perfect for hours and hours!

  14. Paula T

    Simple review: Liquid GOLD! Forget the money, I’ll work for some of that liquid gold! Amazing product!

  15. Kim

    Coming from a non-primer believer – this product is the one to shake my belief system. Bought some yesterday, and tried it for the first time to work today – but only applied to my oily T-zone. Oh.My.Gawd. It worked!! I’ve been wearing it for 6 hours now and the rest of my face has a bit of an oily sheen compared to where I applied the primer – dry as a bone. Normally, it’s the other way around. Amazing. Will never look back. I am now officially one of those people that will call women crazy if they tell me they don’t use primer 😛

  16. sharon anderton

    This product is excellent. Comparable, if not better, than some of the top end more famous brands but as a fraction of the price. My skin glows when using this and my make up stays put all day. Last week I had to go out straight after work. Did my makeup at 7.30am & it was still looking flawless well after midnight. My only negative feedback is about the pump dispenser. I still have a third of the bottle left but the pump is no longer working which is a bit disappointing as I don’t want to waste the rest of the product.

  17. Tracey NK

    The best primer ever!!!
    As a Pro makeup artist, I feel confident applying this amazingly affordable product to clients skin. Not only does it leave a perfect canvas for me to create my art… but my clients always comment on how soft and smooth their skin has become. Its great for those with large pores and fine lines. I use the mini spatula to get every little last bit from the bottle. Well done Iridis!!!

  18. Tracey NK

    As a Pro makeup artist, I feel confident applying this amazingly affordable product to my clients skin. Not only does it leave a perfect canvas for me to create my art, but my clients always comment on how soft and smooth their skin has become. It’s great for those who have fine lines and larger pores. I use the Iridis mini spatula to get every last drop from the bottle. Well done Iridis!!!

  19. emilygaylor

    As a primer hoarder, I’ve never come across a primer like this! Foundation applies so nicely and the finish always looks incredible, plus it makes me feel like I’m hydrating my skin at the same time! Absolutely my favourite.

  20. Miranda Kofoed

    I’ve never used a primer before but this product was great! Smooth and easy to apply and was the perfect undercoat for my foundation. I only need to use a small amount which means it goes along way!

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