The Makeup Dilemma: Are you actually attractive without makeup?

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steph-1-2-340x511When I started Iridis Cosmetics I was always really concerned about the message that a makeup company sends to its market; the message that you “need” to wear makeup in order to look pretty. I never wanted Iridis to fall into that trap. And I wasn’t sure how I was going to reconcile telling people they’re beautiful as they are, and selling makeup.

Before becoming a Makeup Artist, I was always that person that bolstered my friends, and told them how beautiful they looked. I wouldn’t let my friends get away with talking negatively about themselves. Since becoming a Makeup Artist, I now do this for a living, and I see how widespread these feelings of inadequacy really are.

When a client sits in my Makeup Chair, with their ‘naked face’, it’s amazing how many women squirm, make excuses about their features, even apologise for looking like ‘that’. Which is, of course, their actual face. And I always reassure them, tell them I’m looking at their true beauty, assessing their gorgeous features to work out which ones to enhance and what makeup I should design for them. I’m genuinely not looking at the flaws, and I never, ever, judge them, or their appearance. It always surprises me how women I perceive as beautiful can feel so deficient without their “face” on!

But. I get it. I’m very rarely without makeup in public and I tell myself it’s because I’m my own walking advertisement, but its REALLY because I’m not comfortable being the confident, funny and smart version of Peta-Gai without my armour of makeup.

So. How do I build a makeup company that teaches women they’re gorgeous as they are and it’s ok to wear makeup and it’s ok not to wear makeup?

Well, it helps that I see the beauty in everyone, as they are. And I share that with them. I highlight a feature of theirs that I think is amazing – “Wow, I love the blue in your eyes!” Then I might share my belief that wearing makeup is a part of a woman’s toolbox or arsenal – just like the LBD, or the killer heels, or the old faded pair of jeans… something to wear when the mood strikes, but not something you HAVE to wear everyday. Although, if you want to, of course, you can. I also focus on how amazing it FEELS when women look in the mirror and see their beautiful faces made up. I know, and I tell them of course, that I’ve merely enhanced their innate beauty. Because true beauty only comes from within and that what they are seeing is their inner beauty reflected out at them.

I’m being honest when I say makeup makes me feel better about myself. I wish I loved myself enough to show the world my naked face on a regular basis, but I’m working on that. In the meantime, Lovelies, I think we really need to keep telling ourselves, our friends, sisters, mothers, daughters and strangers on the street, how beautiful we are. Highlight all the beautiful things. Regularly. Including all the personality traits we love. We need to be bolstering each other up, encouraging self-love and acceptance and letting our friends and family know they’re wonderful as they are. Take the challenge with me and let’s make the world a more beautiful and accepting one!

In the meantime, why not try a beautiful lippy to help you remind yourself how perfect and lush your lips are?! 😉

2 responses to “The Makeup Dilemma: Are you actually attractive without makeup?”

  1. Maggie Cooper says:

    Hear hear!! A compliment doesn’t cost anything, but the return of an appreciative smile is worth the effort.

  2. Heidi says:

    Beautiful article PG!! I think this is a common feeling shared among many women and I think it’s wwonderful to actively work to boost each other’s sense of natural-beauty. Just think how fantastic you would feel about yourself if 5 separate people gave you a different genuine compliment in one day and this happened every day – you would be flying on Cloud 9!!!