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Iridis Cosmetics was born from vision, passion and a love of all things 'makeup'. We chose the name because 'Iridis' is Latin for 'rainbow', so for us the name conjures a delicious array of beautiful imagery – iridescence, colour, joy, happiness, pride and elation – a collection that pretty much sums up what Iridis Cosmetics is all about. You might even find a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow!

Rainbows are important to Iridis. This is why we included a rainbow in our logo, and it's why you'll see vibrant colour on our models and in our makeup collection.

Destiny_inset underarm

Have you got attractive armpits?

Posted by Peta-Gai | no comments

Have you seen this (http://www.beautyheaven.com.au/hair/hair-colour/dyeing-armpit-hair-beauty-trend-13842) around the internet yet? Dyeing your armpit hair? Pretty colours under your arms to match the hair on your head or your outfit? Well, I have. I’ve seen it a lot in various forums and pages…

post | Dec 8
2013-04-28 14-43-44 - _MG_0707 - edits small

Holiday Makeup Tips & Hints – How to look amazing all day and night!

Posted by Peta-Gai | no comments

  This holiday season, it’s easy to do your own makeup and look the part for Christmas and New Year glamour. Iridis Makeup Maven Peta-Gai shares the six key products that you need to ensure your makeup lasts the distance, looks amazing…

post | Nov 25
Iridis -Anglina white powder 2

Angelina’s White Powder Makeup Fail! What happened??

Posted by Peta-Gai | 1 comment

  As a Makeup Artists, there’s not much worse for us than seeing a photo of makeup work we’ve done that doesn’t look the same as it did when the client has left our makeup chair. And the latest example…

post | May 14

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