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Iridis Cosmetics was born from vision, passion and a love of all things 'makeup'. We chose the name because 'Iridis' is Latin for 'rainbow', so for us the name conjures a delicious array of beautiful imagery – iridescence, colour, joy, happiness, pride and elation – a collection that pretty much sums up what Iridis Cosmetics is all about. You might even find a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow!

Rainbows are important to Iridis. This is why we included a rainbow in our logo, and it's why you'll see vibrant colour on our models and in our makeup collection.

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How to Win Over your Bride *Before* the Wedding

Posted by Peta-Gai | no comments

A few weeks ago, I received a slightly panicked phone call from a soon-to-be Groom, Braydn, wanting to know if I could do his fiancée’s wedding hair and makeup in three days’ time. I was actually booked, but I managed…

post | Mar 1
Naomi cropped

Do You Need ‘Brow Rehab’?

Posted by Peta-Gai | no comments

This Blog Post was originally published in the Australian Content Magazine. The power of the haughty arch of a beautifully sculpted brow should not be underestimated. It’s a multi-talented facial feature, which can convey surprise, derision, anger, sarcasm, seduction and…

post | Dec 1
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Do you need to be Symmetrical to be Beautiful?

Posted by Peta-Gai | no comments

This is a really interesting question! If you’ve spent any time with me as a Makeup Artist, you’ll know that I often talk about how women will apologise for their face when I’m doing their makeup – maybe they have…

post | Nov 17

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