Terms & Conditions – Makeup Services, Workshops, Lessons & Photo Shoots

By booking any service with Iridis (be it a Hair and/or Makeup Service for your Wedding, Special Occasion, corporate or commercial project, government project or other service or event, a One-on-One Makeup Lesson, Glamtorial, Brow or Lash Service, Workshop or Photo Shoot, (including but not limited to the above services), you are agreeing to adhere to, abide by and accept these Terms & Conditions. Please read them carefully so you understand your obligations, and ours.

Once you pay your booking fee or service fee, you are deemed to have read and understod these Terms & Conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: due to COVID-19, we have additional safety and hygiene requirements that are now a Condition of Entry at Iridis Cosmetics. (Offsite appointments are at the discretion of Iridis and may be required to be moved to Iridis HQ.) 

Please note, if you are unwell, have cold or flu-like symptoms, we will reschedule your appointment. We also may need to reschedule your appointment at short notice if we become sick. We believe it is essential we do all our part to ensure we limit the spread of this virus during the Global Pandemic.

If we need to reschedule you due to sickness, we will do our best to reschedule and accommodate you at a later date that suits you, take all reasonable steps to find a replacement artist, or refund you if you request it. If you reschedule due to sickness, we will carry forward your appointment booking fee to a future date, if possible.


1.   You may pay for your Iridis Hair & Makeup Services, (including but not limited to: Commercial, Corporate or Government jobs, Lessons, Workshops, Glamtorials and Photo Shoots) by the methods detailed below. In most instances, Iridis Cosmetics reserves the right to request that payment for any services it provides be made in full and up front, prior to the date of the services being provided. Please note that Iridis product purchases must be paid in full and up front before they are released.

Payment Options:

  • Mobile EFTPOS – Debit Cards and Visa, MasterCard, Bankcard;
  • Bank Deposit (payment must be received at the date specified by Iridis, prior to the service or lesson);
  • Cash; or
  • Afterpay. 

2.   Due to the high demand Iridis has for bookings, we require a non-refundable booking fee to secure your booking as Iridis Makeup Artists are regularly booked months, if not years, in advance. If we book you in for makeup, it means we cannot book other clients. This booking fee protects you and us. If you proceed with your appointment, this booking fee will be deducted from the full cost of the service. If you do not proceed with your booking, the booking fee is forfeited or transferred to a future similar booking, at our total discretion.

3.   If you cancel your booking, the booking fee is non-refundable because to secure your preferred date, we are likely to have turned away other business. In the highly unlikely situation where we cancel your booking, we will refund the booking fee, or transfer it to a future date.

4.   Please note that we may ask for full payment up front, or a deposit/booking fee, depending upon the job and service.

Required booking fees and payment requirements are as follows:

  • Wedding Date Booking Fee $100-300 or 50% of the total service, to secure your wedding date, depending upon the size of the wedding, and in some circumstances, we may require that the wedding be paid in advance, in full, before the wedding date;
  • Wedding Trial Booking Fee$50-80 or 50%of the total service to secure your trial date (during busy periods, we are unlikely able to take Saturday bookings for trials);
  • Special Occasion Booking Fee$50, per person, or 50% of the total service, to secure your date and time;
  • Makeup Lesson or Workshop Booking Feepayment in advance, to secure your date and time;
  • Photo Shoot Booking Fee – payment in advance, to secure your date and time;
  • Commercial, corporate or government jobs, payment will be made on provision of an invoice with a strict 7 days payment terms, unless otherwise agreed;
  • Glamtorial Makeup Workshop Attendancepayment in advance, and is non-refundable (as minimum numbers are required to make the workshop viable and due to popularity and maximum numbers, other clients may be turned away), but you can transfer to another Glamtorial future date;
  • Facials, Brows or Lash Lift Appointment – payment in advance, and is non-refundable (as these services can be performed by external providers attending Iridis, and are booked back to back on the one day, with other clients being turned away when fully booked).

Please note – if we have not received this booking fee within 7 days of you advising that you wish to proceed with our services, your date/time will not be guaranteed and we may re-book services without notice to you.

5.   If there is a balance due to be paid, the balance of the cost of the Wedding Makeup is payable at least 7 days before the date of the Wedding, unless otherwise agreed in writing between you and Iridis Cosmetics.  The balance of the cost of the Makeup Service, Lesson, Glamtorial, Photo Shoot or other Commercial, corporate, Government job is payable prior to the date of the service, unless otherwise agreed in writing between you and Iridis Cosmetics.

5.5 Specifically with reference to Corporate, Commercial or Government projects, workshops or other type of bookings through service providers or third parties, payments must be paid in advance to secure the specific dates for that project and before any work commences. Iridis reserves its right to invoice for work already performed if the project does not go ahead for the full invoice amount at its absolute discretion.

6.  Specifically with reference to weddings or bookings of three or more people, if you cancel or change the number or type of services we have quoted for and proceeded on that basis, with less than 3 months notice, you will be required to pay the original quoted balance of the wedding of service in full.  If you have already paid in full, this payment will be retained for the inconvenience of late cancellations and loss of other weddings or other business, unless otherwise agreed. 

7.    All bookings are subject to availability, and if you have a particular date in mind, we suggest you book early to avoid disappointment. We will do our best to accommodate you.

8.   Our quoted prices are subject to change without notice, and our quotes are valid for 7 days. Also note that once we have provided a quote to you, and you have paid your deposit, a contract is formed for the quoted services as agreed. If the number of services or clients are reduced after that time, you are still liable to pay for the full quoted amount as agreed by you. 

9.   Any extra “last minute” bookings on the day of the makeup service (wedding, for example), must be notified prior to the event, or if unavoidable, at the commencement of the makeup service. Depending upon the schedule of the Iridis Makeup Artist, makeup requests on the day of the event may not be able to be accommodated, but we will do our best. If the bookings can be accommodated, they will be charged in accordance with standard rates, unless otherwise agreed. Payment for any additional bookings must be made on the day. We will try to accommodate wherever possible.

10.   Travel costs are charged on a calculation based on time and kilometres – as this is time we cannot book other clients. The cost of parking or other related costs may be also be referred to the client, depending on circumstances.

11. If you decide not to have a wedding makeup trial before your wedding day, or you would like to make changes to the look we created for you at your wedding trial, we will allocate an extra 30 minutes on top of your service on the wedding day, to give us time to ensure you are happy with your makeup or the changes requested. This is charged at an additional amount of $50, on top of your service. This is so we ensure you have time to create the look that you love for your wedding and you are not rushed or late to your wedding.

12.   If, for any reason, the Iridis Makeup Artist who has been booked for your makeup service, lesson or photo shoot becomes unavailable on the date of your booking, Iridis will exercise best endeavors to find a replacement and equivalently skilled and experienced Makeup Artist for you, at no additional cost to you. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that we do not leave you stranded for makeup services.

13.   A surcharge of $50 per half hour, applies for a before 8am start for weddings.

14.   We also have cancellation fees and no-show fees:

  • If you wish to reschedule, change or cancel your trial or makeup service, you must provide at least 5 days notice. If you cancel with less than 5 days notice, a cancellation fee amounting to 50% of the full cost of your service or quote, is payable and must be paid within 3 days of your cancellation, or we will retain your deposit/booking fee, and you may need to pay the full price to book us again.
  • If you do not show up to your appointment, without prior notice to Iridis, the full fee of your service must be paid within 3 days of your cancellation and you forfeit your deposit/booking fee.
  • If you are running late, please advise us with as much notice as possible. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we may need to reschedule your appointment, depending upon other client bookings and commitments.

15.   Iridis Cosmetics may refuse to provide makeup services to anyone, at any time, at our sole discretion.

16.By engaging Iridis for makeup services you grant permission to Iridis to use any images taken of you, either professional or by the artist involved, and you provide consent to use the images on social media, on our website or in any other marketing material.  You can opt out of this at the time of the service if you wish.

17.   If you have very sensitive skin, or a known allergy to makeup ingredients, you are required to inform Iridis Cosmetics of this prior to the makeup services commencing.

18.   IMPORTANT! All clients (including your bridal party or additional clients that have been booked by you, if applicable) must advise Iridis Cosmetics of any contagious, bacterial, viral or other illness, skin condition, or eye condition, prior to any makeup services commencing. This includes, but not limited to, conjunctivitis, cysts, cold sores, herpes simplex, eye sties, open wounds or cuts, bacterial or viral skin infections or conditions, golden staph, or any other contagious illnesses, viruses or other conditions. Depending upon the condition, Iridis Cosmetics reserves the right to refuse services to an infectious or potentially infectious client, but more importantly, Iridis Cosmetics must be informed, so that precautions can be taken to protect products and brushes from contamination. If you do not inform us of such contagious conditions or illnesses, you may be required to pay for any products or brushes which may become, or is likely to become contaminated as a result of your condition or illness, and pay be personally liable for any loss of income or inconvenience. This is a very important issue for Iridis as we take your, and our, safety and hygiene extremely seriously. Refer to clause 15 above.

19.   Iridis Cosmetics can provide hair styling as part of your makeup service. This will be charged at an additional cost, and this must be booked in advance of the makeup service. We also have several discounted Hair & Makeup Packages.

20. Iridis Cosmetics has a right to a smoke-free work environment. Due to sensitivity of cigarette and other smoke, we ask that you do not smoke around us or near us on jobs where we come to you. We will respectfully ask you to not smoke in our vacinity at all, even outdoors near where we are set up, due to this sensitivity. We will ask you to cease smoking if it is affecting us while working your job and you acknowledge that you will agree to cease immediately.