One-on-One Custom Makeup Lessons

Individual Makeup Consultations & Lessons

Iridis Cosmetics offers you an exclusive, customised one-on-one makeup consultation with an expert Iridis Makeup Artist Edcator. What looks do you want to create? Do you need just a foundation refresher and need to be colour matched? Or are you looking to learn how to do your eyes properly? Do you want to learn to Contour without looking like there’s stripes on your face? Are you a bride affected by COVID lockdowns and you need to learn how to do your own makeup for your wedding?! How much time can you spare? What are your favourite features? What products do you currently have? How do you go from day to night, quickly and expertly? We can help with all of this and moree!

Your Iridis Makeup Artist Eduator will take the time to learn about you, and what you want and need from your makeup. You will learn great tips and tricks, how to utilise the products you have, and what products will enhance your personal makeup kit. We will even audit what you have and make sure you’re not using products that aren’t flattering, or even worse, are out of date and could break you out!

Book a one-on-one Iridis Makeup Consultation today by clicking on the lesson you desire and we will contact you to book your day and time! Glass of bubbly, wine or soft drink on arrival to get those creative juices flowing!

Want to share a session with a friend or family member? Easily done! We can create a custom session for you and your friend, with the second person at 50% off. Contact us today!


1 hour – “Glam on the Go!”

In one hour, we focus on a single feature. What eye shape do you have and how can you enhance it? Which foundation colour will work on you? Which lippy will suit? Or do you just need a general Makeup Makeover?

In this one hour session at the Iridis Makeup Studio in Yarraville, you will learn how to highlight your favourite feature with Iridis Cosmetics, and we’ll teach you to create simple and beautiful makeup, tailored just for you, in a hands-on, practical and information-packed session.

$147, incl. GST


2 hours – “Get Yourself Gorgeous!”

Do you need a General Makeup Makeover which will focus on two or three of your gorgeous features? This is our most popular lesson!

Perhaps your face has changed a bit and the makeup you did in your 20s isn’t cutting it anymore now you’re in your 40s or 50s? Are you a mum who desperately needs a makeover and have someone other than your three year old touching your face? Or are you looking for an effortless and easy corporate look that doesn’t look overdone? Maybe something more advanced like creating a smoky eye, or how to highlight and contour your gorgeous face, or how to apply False Lashes? (Or anything else makeup wise that you’re just needing help with?) Then look no further!

In this two hour session at the Iridis Makeup Studio in Yarraville, you’ll receive an Advanced Iridis Colour Consultation for you, learn how to play up two or three of your gorgeous features, how to maximise your existing makeup products, and how to create beautiful makeup to suit you and your lifestyle. 

This is a hands-on, practical and information-packed session, which also includes the (now famous) Iridis Makeup Audit, where you bring all of your makeup and brushes, and we help you navigate your existing makeup, with suggestions for what you need going forward.

$247, incl. GST


3 hours – “Behold your Beauty!”

Three hours of makeup tutelage, which gives us time to cover every feature on  your gorgeous face, conduct an Advanced Iridis Colour Consultation including more advanced techniques like the 5 colour eye, Highlighting & Contouring, creating a day time corporate look, and how to turn that into an evening look in 10 minutes, an advanced colour consultation to ensure you’re wearing flattering shades, or anything else your heart desires!

In this three hour session at the Iridis Makeup Studio in Yarraville, learn how to make your best features shine utilising your existing makeup and the perfect products for you from the outstanding Iridis range.

This is a hands-on, practical and information-packed session and includes the Iridis Makeup Audit, at no extra charge – that’s where you bring all of your makeup and brushes, and we help you navigate your existing makeup kit.

$327, incl. GST


6 hours (full day) – “Spoil Your Fabulous Self Rotten!”

An all day session of makeup! Our favourite! Perfect for the true makeup lovers, or those ready for more advanced techniques.

Over the course of a day, you will learn how to apply your makeup like a pro. Learn the tricks of the trade, build your repertoire of looks, and go from day to night with ease. You’ll receive an Advanced Iridis Colour Consultation, thorough assessment of your current products, and expert recommendations of how to build the perfect makeup kit for you, in the full Iridis Makeup Audit  (included at no extra charge).

You will never be at a loss for anything makeup again!

In this full day session at the Iridis Makeup Studio in Yarraville, learn how to apply your makeup like a Makeup Artist would do so, with premiere products from the Iridis range.

This is a hands-on, practical and information-packed session.

Snacks and drinks included.

$597, incl. GST


Male to Female Trans/Cross Dressing Makeup Lessons 

Being a rainbow company ourselves (Iridis Founders, Kelly & Peta-Gai are life partners (recently married in November 2018) and business partners and ‘Iridis’ is Latin for rainbow!), Iridis is extremely proud to offer MTF Transgender Makeup Lessons in Melbourne.

Peta-Gai is a specialist and very experienced in teaching makeup to Trans & CD Women, to create the illusion of more feminine features, and can show you how to use these makeup techniques to feminize your look. In the complete privacy of the Iridis Makeup Studio in Yarraville, your confidentiality and privacy is assured. We are warm, encouraging and patient, while we show you our ‘feminine hacks’ for you to create a beautiful face of makeup to help you feel more like the woman you are on the inside. Iridis is a non-judgemental and welcoming place where your diversity is celebrated. You’ll feel like one of the girls.

You have two options:

  1. a Trans/CD-specific makeup lesson or
  2. a Feminisation Immersion Experience including a makeover, where we see the feminine in you, and bring it out, so you can finally see yourself made up, looking feminine and gorgeous. This is how you can see yourself as your feminine self, through the eyes of an expert Makeup Artist.

Trans/CD Makeup Lesson

Your makeup design and lesson will be tailored just for you, in a hands-on, practical and information-packed session, to show you how to:

  • prep your face for makeup – including simple skin care tips;
  • cover your beard;
  • Create a more flawless foundation finish that will last all day;
  • minimize more masculine features;
  • highlighting and contouring;
  • apply simple eyeshadow techniques to make your eyes pop;
  • choose colours that will suit you and flatter your complexion;
  • apply expert makeup to have you feeling one step closer to your true, authentic self.

Three Hours of Makeup Lesson Gorgeousness: $397, incl. GST

Six Hours of Makeup Lesson Gorgeousness: $677, incl. GST

Testimonial from Belinda, who is now living as a woman, her true self: When I was a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding, I searched around for a professional makeup artist to make me look as good as possible for this special day. I did a lot of online searching and came across Iridis Cosmetics, which seemed worth trying. On the day of the wedding, Peta-Gai McLaughlin came to my place to do my makeup. I have had my makeup professionally done a few times before, but no one did such a great job as Peta-Gai. The result was extraordinary. As a transgender female, I was astounded at how beautiful she made me look and feel. Her makeup skills are astounding, as are her hair styling skills. At the end of the day of the wedding, I was so reluctant to wipe off my makeup. Her work seemed like a true masterpiece. I will only ever use Iridis Cosmetics in future for any more professional makeup. I highly recommend Peta-Gai and Iridis to anyone considering getting their makeup done or who needs a lesson in hair and makeup.”

Also available for our Trans/CD sisters – a “FEMINISATION IMMERSION EXPERIENCE”.

Lesson Photo: Peta-Gai & Thu, mid lesson (eyeshadow stage). Photography by Michael Santamaria Photography.

Trans Lesson Photo: The gorgeous Belinda, ready for her official outing as a woman – as a bridesmaid in her bestie’s wedding! Makeup and Wig Styling by Peta-Gai.